Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Patrick Coffin: The Truth About the Masonic Lodge – Patrick Coffin at Catholic Stand
Did You Know? The Patron Saints for All 50 States – uCatholic
A New Kind of Sacrament: Abortion – Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. at Crisis Magazine
Meet the New Bishops in the USCCB – CNA via The Catholic World Report
24 More Ways to Respond to Common Abortion Questions – Angelo Stagnaro at National Catholic Register
The Strange Case of Dr. Biden & Mr. Hyde – Fr. George W. Rutler at Crisis Magazine
Archbishop Viganò Criticizes Pope Francis’ Handling of McCarrick Case – Edward Pentin at National C. Register
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Pentecost & Wearing Red – Meghan Ashley Styling
Nun in a Legal Battle with Katy Perry Says Singer Has “Blood on Her Hands” – uCatholic
The Old Mass Ban Will Hurt the Order of Malta’s Charism – Fr. Edmund Montgomery at Catholic Herald

US Bishops Authorize Reporting Mechanism for Episcopal Abuse Cases – CNA via The C. World Report
Mary a Mediatrix? Isn’t there just One Mediator? – Steve Ray at Defenders of the Catholic Faith

How to Deal with Clerical Sex Abuse – Shane Schaetzel at Complete Christianity
Communist China: Indoctrination Classes For Disobedient Catholic Clergy – Yang Xiangwen at Bitter Winter
Do We Need to be the Same to be Saved? – Matthew Tan, Ph.D., at Ignitum Today
A Case of Stolen Jurisprudence in Kansas: Twisting The Law To Protect Abortion – A.J. MacLeod, Ph.D., at Pblc Dscrs
Prayer is Not the Same Thing as Approval – Sophia Feingold at National Catholic Register
Tech Lords Strike Again: Pinterest Shuts Down Lila Rose – D. McClarey, J.D., at The American Catholic
Teen’s Sad End Suggests New Standard in Accepting ‘Right to Die’ – Rachel Del Guidice at The Stream
Colo. Baker Sued a Third Time, for Refusal to Make Cake Signifying Gender Transition – CNA via The C. World Report
Reclaiming Virtue as the Habit of Goodness – Anthony S. Layne at Catholic Stand
Why the Holy Spirit is Called ‘Lord & Giver of Life’ – John Grondelski at National Catholic Register
Fr. Augustus Tolton, Former African American Slave, Advances Toward Sainthood – C. Grogan at CNA via NCRg
Rose Petals on Pentecost – Fr. B. Jerabek, J.C.L., at Dilexi decorem domus Domini

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