Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
The Girl Who Wanted To Receive Communion So Badly That Jesus Intervened Directly – L. Peterson at Aleteia
My Wife’s Conversion to the Catholic Church (Stand Up Comedy) – David L. Gray at
New Podcast: John Allen’s Future Church – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Glad Trad 6.1: Michael Voris’ Conversion Story – Fr. David Nix at Pilgrim Priest
A Wonderful New Documentary on Mt. Athos – Gregory DiPippo at New Liturgical Movement
Getting Fatima Right – Jimmy Akin at Catholic Answers Magazine
How a Miraculous Vision of Our Lady Stopped a Prussian Army & Helped End a Deadly War – Ph. Kosloski at Aleteia
Exorcists Witness: Mary, Defender Against Demons – Kathleen Beckman at Catholic Exchange
Catholic Medicine’s Prophetic Witness; Strong Prescription for Secular Christianity – J.A. Di Camillo, Ph.D., at Legatus Mag

Deacon Drake: From Pentecostal Preacher to Catholic Priest – Mary Rezac at CNA via NC Register
Somebody’s Handmaid – Susan Skinner at Catholic Stand

Research Shows That Family Meals Have Another Important Benefit for Kids – B. Camargo at Aleteia
Regret Does Not Have to Control You – Pete Socks at Catholic Stand
You Need to Know These 6 Amazing Facts About the Spanish “Black Madonna” – Melissa Guerrero at epicPew
Modern Sacred Music – Jennifer Donelson at New Liturgical Movement
Scrupulosity in Children – Fr. B. Jerabek, J.C.L., at Dilexi decorem domus Domini
As a Man Is, So He Sees – Allison Low at Catholic Stand
Time to Fill the Toolbox – Pete Socks at Catholic Stand
The Sacristy Series: Antependia of St. Mary’s in Wausau, Wisconsin – Shawn R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal

How To Pray “The Crown of Twelve Stars” Devotion – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia
Quæritur: The TLM’s Orationes Diversae & Oratio Imperata – Fr. Z’s Blog
Uh, How Do You Pray? – Kendra Van Esh at Catholic Stand

New Orleans Priest Founded First Catholic AIDS Hospice – Peter Finney, Jr., at Catholic News Service via Crux

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