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Authorities To Arrest Canadian Father If He Refers To Trans Child As Her Real Sex – J. Keenan at The Federalist
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Problems with Weddings & How We Might Remedy Them – Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D., at New Ltrgcl Mvmnt
Despite Much-Hyped Reform, New Curia Remains A Governing Apparatus – Christopher R. Altieri at The CWR
What Is The “Curia” In The Catholic Church? – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia
Why Can’t We Get Enough Superheroes?: Our Need for Adventure – St. Paul Center (link repaired)

From Pagan Odyssey to Christian Pilgrimage: Anthony Esolen’s Nostalgia – Jerry Salyer at The CWR
A Minaret on Notre-Dame Cathedral? – John Zmirak, Ph.D., at The Stream
Why Liturgy Is The Greatest Mass Media – Tom Hoopes at Aleteia
Pursuing a Point on the Pope Paul VI New Mass – Fr. Hugh Somerville-Knapman, O.S.B., at Dominus Mihi. . .
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Paradoxes – Noel Ethan Tan at Ignitum Today
What Does Spain’s 2019 General Election Mean For Christians? – Ángel M.G. Carmona at Transatlantic Blog via Acton Inst.

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