From Assaulting a Priest to Devout Catholic: The Story of Saint Peregrine – Billy Ryan at uCatholic
Archbishop Cordileone: The Path To The Eucharist Is The Sacrament Of Penance – California C. Daily
A Prayer For When The Host & Chalice Are Elevated At Mass – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia
Quæritur: How To Receive Communion On The Tongue? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Former Megachurch Pastors Share the Revolution of Catholic Communion – Peter Jesserer Smith at NC Reg
Using Prayer To Purify Your Mind – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
How I Overcame My Objections to Mary & Became Catholic – Matt D’Antuono at National Catholic Register
Q&A: Overcoming Deep Emotional Wounds, Spiritual Warfare, & Contemplative Prayer – Dan Burke at CSD
Are You Anxious? Do You Worry? The Divine Mercy Message is For You – Gary Zimak at National C. Register
Be Less Busy. . .Be More Prayerful! – Pete Socks at Catholic Stand
Blessed Are the Merciful, For They Shall Obtain Divine Mercy – Sh. Antonetti at National Catholic Register
The Fire in Our Lady’s Church – Art, Evangelism, & Catechesis – Jen. Donelson at New Liturgical Movement
What Research Says About How Religion Affects Your Health – Nicole Fisher at The Federalist
Notre-Dame: The Power Of A “Mere Building” – Modern Medievalism
The Restoration of a Statue of St. Joseph & the Christ Child – Shawn R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal
The Church Has No Need of Gates – Madeleine Kirk at Ignitum Today
A Very Catholic Reason You Should Learn A New Language – Cerith Gardiner at Aleteia
Images – Nicholas Lye at Ignitum Toda
Unearthed History: The War of the Vendée – Nayeli Riano at The Imaginative Conservative
All Caught Up in Myself – Jim Dougherty at Catholic Stand
Did Popes Favor the United States? with Charles Coulombe – Tay. Marshall, Ph.D., & Tim. Gordon, J.D.
How Evil Can Work In Our Favor – Birgit Jones at Catholic Stand
Tolkien, Lewis, & the Need for Literary Realism – Glenn Arbery at The Imaginative Conservative
Ex Machina: Theology of the Robot Body – Patrick Malone at Catholic Stand

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