Christianity grows in Syrian town once besieged by Islamic State – John Davison at Reuters
Vatican enhances Catholic Ordinariate for Anglicans norms – Christopher Mahon at The Anglicanorum. . .
Search No More – Pete Socks at Catholic Stand
Fr. James V. Schall, S.J., has died at the age of 91 – Carl E. Olson at The Catholic World Report
Journalist Offers an Inside View of Venezuela on the Brink of Collapse – Peter Jesserer Smith at N.C. Register
China Destroyed Uighur Notre Dame – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
Legally Right Versus Morally Right – Tom Collingwood at Catholic Stand
Between the Two Popes There Is “Fracture.” The Silence of Francis Against Benedict – Sandro Magister. . .
Cardinal Mueller: No rift between Francis & Benedict – Claire Giangrave at Crux
Dispute over Papal Foundation’s $25 million grant approval continues – Catholic News Agency via The. . .
A Message to Mayor Pete from a Latina Mama: Don’t Force Your Sexual Ideology on Me & My Children – A. Samuel, Ph.D.
God Made Me This Way, So I Cannot Sin – Guy McClung, J.D., Ph.D., at The American Catholic

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