Repairing Notre-Dame

Here’s the genius invention, a Robot-Firefightler, that helped save the interior of Notre-Dame

Built with the help of French fire fighters, it's Colossus the robot pompier! ☩ Cerith Gardiner at Aleteia

Video: Interior of #NotreDame after the fire, Whew!

. . .It could have been a LOT worse. . . ☩ Fr. Z's Blog

The Cathedral As Cube

I am very, very eager to donate money to rebuild the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. But I am not giving a dime for this. . . ☩ Rod Dreher at The American Conservative

“Wake Up, Brothers!” A Prophetic Warning at Notre Dame From the Future Pope Pius XII

Two years before he became pope, Cardinal Pacelli told a Paris gathering to avoid the “gesture of Lucifer,” and declared that it is the “substance of Christianity, the very substance of religion, that is at stake.” ☩ Edward Pentin at National Catholic Register

Did the Risen Jesus Appear in Notre-Dame’s Flames? . . .Or is it Our Lady?

News circulated this morning about a young woman allegedly seeing Jesus’ silhouette in the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire’s flames. ☩ ChurchPOP

Restore Notre-Dame as the Spiritual Center of Paris

. . .Surrounded by pain and tremendous loss, a choice awaits the French and all of us. . . ☩ Joseph & Marie Meaney at Crisis Magazine

“The Organ Lives!”: Notre-Dame’s Monstrous Organ Survives Fire – Listen to it Here!

. . .why is this instrument listed among the treasures of Notre Dame. . . ☩ ChurchPOP

A look at what was saved, what was lost in Notre-Dame fire

More than simply an iconic cathedral & jewel of Gothic architecture, Notre Dame was a treasure trove, housing priceless & irreplaceable marvels of immense religious, artistic, musical, historical & architectural value. ☩ Associated Press via Crux

Rebuilding History: How 21st-Century Tech Can Save Medieval Notre-Dame

Meticulous laser scans will likely become vital in the years of rebuilding ahead. ☩ Tim Newcomb at Popular Mechanics

The History Behind the “Forest” That Burned in the Notre-Dame Cathedral Roof

The timber was used to construct what is known affectionately by historians as “the forest,” the hulking lattice of woodwork that formed the roof and frame of the Notre-Dame. Some 1,300 oak trees from over 50 acres of forest were felled in its construction. . . ☩ uCatholic

Catholic France in the End Times, Great French Monarch & Our Lady of La Salette

France is the "Eldest Daughter of the Church" & yet also the most rebellious. . . ☩ Taylor Marshall, Ph.D., & Timothy Gordon, J.D., at TnT

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