Notre-Dame Survives!

The tragic hope of the flames of Notre Dame

. . .And yet there are not only red but silver linings in this cloud of smoke. ☩ Jeffrey A. Mirus, Ph.D., at Catholic Culture

Notre-Dame de Paris: A Supernatural Intervention of the Mother of God for France?

This night was not made for sleeping. ☩ Fr. Guillaume de Menthière at Rorate Cæli

Notre Dame’s Destruction Is The Monumental Loss Of An Acoustic Treasure

Anonymous IV worked at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in the 1270s, & wrote descriptively about the vibrant music he experienced there. ☩ Jeff Held at The Federalist

Notre-Dame, France's Parish

No doubt, Notre-Dame will be repaired, just as countless other European wonders have been restored following fire, storms, sieges, and wars. . . ☩ Samuel Gregg, D.Phil., at First Things

Notre-Dame de Paris: Jewel of France

Far more than just a house of worship, Notre Dame is one of the most significant buildings in the world. It has stood at the very center of French and indeed all European history for close to a millennia. ☩ John Paul Sonnen at Liturgical Arts Journal

Notre Dame: Was It Arson?

I didn’t blog or tweet about the terrible fire at Notre Dame yesterday because I was traveling, but I’ve also learned not to make instant remarks about breaking news events when all the facts aren’t in. Looking back on some of the comments about Notre Dame being “utterly destroyed” makes one cringe. ☩ Fr. Dwight Longenecker

A Historical Timeline of Notre Dame Cathedral

In light of the recent tragic fire, here’s a look at the incredible history surrounding the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France ☩ Alex R. Hey at epicPew

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