University of Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins Rejects Porn Ban, While Students Approve Filter at Catholic University of America

Countless students at the University of Notre Dame & the Catholic University of America asked their administrations to block pornography from the campus internet system. . . ☩ ChurchPOP

Catholic schools should affirm the person, not gender ideology, scholars advise

Amid questions at some Catholic schools about how to approach problems related to LGBT identity, philosophy professors told CNA that Catholic schools must remain true to their mission of helping parents to raise their children in the faith. ☩ Catholic News Agency via The Catholic World Report

Rome's 'Holy Stairs' Uncovered for the First Time in 300 years

According to tradition, the stairs were brought to Rome by St. Helena in the 4th century. ☩ Hannah Brockhaus at Catholic News Agency via National Catholic Register

Killing Catholicism: The Drama Of Self-Murder at a University Run By Jesuits

Here’s news from the world of Catholic higher education. . . ☩ Rod Dreher at The American Conservative

The ball is now in the bishops’ court

It has become increasingly clear that the crisis, although involving the abuse scandal and the bishops’ response, is a far larger matter that raises profound issues of authority, accountability, and participatory decision-making. ☩ Russell Shaw at The Catholic World Report

Voluntarism, a Critical Error of Our Times

Part of the reason for the mess we’re in today is a philosophy called voluntarism. Some mistake this word for volunteerism. . . ☩ Msgr. Charles Pope at Community in Mission

Benedict’s Analysis: What impressed me most

☩ Jeffrey A. Mirus, Ph.D., at Catholic Culture

Fr. Raymond Thomas de Saint-Laurent, Confidence, & How to Fundraise

☩ Brice Sokolowski at

Fear and Indecision Will Kill the Local Church — Boldness Will Save It

True ministry is about tending the flock, not punching a clock. Churches need brave leaders now more than ever. ☩ Matthew Sewell at National Catholic Register

The Medical Scandal that the Mainstream Media Ignores

Over the past few years, media stories about “transgender” kids have become increasingly common, but critical questions are seldom asked. . . ☩ Katherine Cave at Public Discourse

G.K. Chesterton and the Renewal of Catholic Education

“The whole point of education is that it should give a man abstract and eternal standards by which he can judge material and fugitive standards.” ☩ Joseph Pearce at National Catholic Register

Watch: Twitter Official Can’t Answer Why It Deemed Pro-Life Quote From Mother Teresa “Hate Speech”

At the Senate Judiciary hearing on April 10, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) grilled Facebook and Twitter on their censorship policies, especially of conservative and pro-life content during the Senate Judiciary hearing on April 10. ☩ Corinne Weaver at Life News

Why religion is not going away & science will not destroy it

Secularism has failed to continue its steady global march ☩ Peter Harrison, Ph.D., at Mercatornet

George Weigel on the Church’s Answer to Cultural Woes

The writer enthralled listeners in New Haven as he gave insights into these times and the Church’s answer to them. ☩ Joseph Pronechen at National Catholic Register

The Abandonment of Professional Ethics, Individual Nurses, & the Patient

The American Nurses Association Draft Position Statement on nursing and assisted suicide completely upends the proper role of nurses, leaving those who object without support. ☩ Stephen J. Heaney, Ph.D., Dianne Johnson, Sarah Spangenberg, & Patrick G. Spencer at Public Discourse

It’s Not Enough to Listen to the Young

In his new exhortation on youth, Christus Vivit (Christ is Alive), Pope Francis returns again and again to the theme that the Church must listen to the young. . . ☩ William Kilpatrick, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine

The Guy Behind the Cute Alien Comics is Pro-Life & Now Abortion Activists are Trashing Him

Abortion advocates (at least on twitter) are now so extreme that a cartoonist tweeting two years ago that he was glad his girlfriend wasn’t aborted is the most heinous crime they can imagine. ☩ SPUC via Life News

Science & the Existence of God

Many atheists and agnostics are fond of asking for scientific proof of God’s existence. . . ☩ J.P. Nunez at Catholic Stand

Editorial: Benedict XVI’s essay is both insightful & incomplete

☩ Carl E. Olson at The Catholic World Report

Pope Francis Issues New Norms for Personal Ordinariates

☩ Peter Jesserer Smith at National Catholic Register

If I Become Catholic, What Happens To My Marriage

☩ Cathy Caridi, J.C.L., at Canon Law Made Easy

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