Cardinal Sarah Sounds The Alarm

The Vatican cardinal discusses his hard-hitting new book in this exclusive interview with La Nef ☩ Robert Cardinal Sarah at Catholic Herald

Why Catholics Can’t be Democrats

How could any Catholic be supportive of a party, and politicians, who advocate and facilitate the wholesale slaughter of innocent human life? ☩ Shane Schaetzel at Complete Christianity

Passiontide – Veiling of images in churches

From this Sunday, traditionally called 1st Sunday of the Passion, it is customary to veil images in churches. ☩ Fr. Z's Blog

The Influence of Monasteries on the Middle Ages’ Economic Boom

Henry Goodell, president of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, described how the medieval monks saved agriculture from decaying. ☩ Luis Dufaur at Return to Order

Is Paganism Making a Comeback? Steve on The Catholic Current with Fr. McTeigue SJ

Christianity is being abandoned and alternative “spiritualities” are filling the void. ☩ Steve Ray at Defenders of the Catholic Faith

Why I Still Prefer the Divine Office Book, Over the Apps

I prefer the books to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, and here’s a few helpful reasons why. ☩ Shaun McAfee, O.P., at National Catholic Register

Why do Eastern Catholics stand during the Entire Mass?

In the Eastern Church, reverence and adoration is expressed differently than what Roman Catholics are accustomed to. ☩ Philip Kosloski at Aleteia

Tribute to the ‘Angel of the Apocalypse’ in the Capital of the World

New York historic church marks the 600th anniversary of St. Vincent Ferrer’s death. ☩ Joseph Pronechen at National Catholic Register

Southern Poverty Law Center Is Punished for the Wrong Crimes

A writer named Bob Moser is incensed at what became of the Southern Poverty Law Center where he worked for a few years in the early aughts. ☩ Austin Ruse at Crisis Magazine

Archbishop Gregory’s appointment: ‘safe’ in the hands of the mainstream media

. . .think for a moment about why the choice is so safe. Isn’t it precisely because the mainstream media won’t pay attention to the protests? ☩ Philip Lawler at Catholic Culture

The Prophetic Saint Who Foretold What the End of the World Will Be Like

When the pope used the term “Angel of the Apocalypse” in the Middle Ages, people knew he was talking about St. Vincent Ferrer ☩ Joseph Pronechen at National Catholic Register

How Does Satan Tempt the Holy?

Something important has come to my mind in the past few weeks of Lent, a disturbing and powerful thought on how common it is that Satan is tempting, and bringing to perdition the very souls that are striving for holiness. ☩ Jay Toups at Hope In The Storm

How A Secular Iranian’s Spiritual Awakening Led Him To The Catholic Church (Podcast)

In his new memoir, Sohrab Ahmari shares his story of growing up in Iran, coming to America, and his conversion from a Marxist atheist to a devout Catholic. ☩ The Federalist

The Queen of Sheba in the Court of Solomon: Liturgical Boredom & Ecstasy

Ritual action is inherently non-spontaneous, non-original, & non-extemporaneous. The more perfectly one is enacting ritual, the less of one’s creative self is present in it, & the more one is absorbed into a vastly larger mystery. ☩ Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D., at New Liturgical Movement

Prosperity vs Persecution

☩ Ignitum Today

11 Things to Know About Archbishop Wilton Gregory

☩ Joan Frawley Desmond at National Catholic Register

Dazzling Spiritual Coming Attractions

☩ Deacon Greg Lambert at Catholic Stand

The Magnificent, Majestic, & Magisterial Counter-Reformation

☩ Joseph Pearce at National Catholic Register

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