What Did Pope Francis Mean By His Remarks About ‘Proselytism?’

When read in context, Francis’ words were not as controversial as many media reports seemed to imply. ☩ Edward Pentin at National Catholic Register

To Cohabitate, or Not to Cohabitate; That is The Question

Celebrity couples live together, regular couples live together, if everyone’s cohabiting, that means there has to be some benefit to it, right? Not so fast. . . ☩ Rachel & Gregory Popcak, Ph.D., at Faith on the Couch

'Unplanned' Movie Interview With the Film’s Directors & Writers, Cary Solomon & Chuck Konzelman

. . .I first met Cary Solomon & Chuck Konzelman when they came to a talk I gave at Family Theater in Hollywood nearly 10 years ago. They have plied their trade in Hollywood for more than 25 years & in the process worked with the likes of Sylvester Stallone before they felt called to the faith based genre. . . ☩ Dave Hartline at The American Catholic

What If the Pope Commits Heresy?

I didn’t convert to Catholicism in the year 2,000 so I could keep my mouth shut and never deal with the truth ☩ Shane Schaetzel at Complete Christianity

How The So-Called Equality Act Threatens Speech, Religion, & Women’s Rights

Despite the universal appeal of the name and its noble promises, the act poses a major risk to those who value religious freedom, state independence, and women’s rights. ☩ Chad Felix Greene at The Federalist

Are Abuse Scandals a Reason to Leave the Church?

☩ Dave Armstrong at National Catholic Register

Saint Alphonsus Liguori’s 3 Rules for Fundraising

☩ Brice Sokolowski at

Striving for Digital Minimalism: Why We Need a Human-Centric Approach to Technology

Technology promises to solve our problems, but it also creates new ones. That’s because we have failed to apply human-centric approaches to technology. We think in terms of productivity instead of human flourishing; connectivity instead of community. As a result, our tech use leaves us worse off than we were before—less free, less rested, less peaceful. ☩ Casey Chalk at Public Discourse

President Trump Will Nominate Amy Barrett When Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Seat Opens Up

Ginsburg, 86, is the oldest Supreme Court justice, and, though she has no plans to retire, many believe her health is poor after multiple battles with cancer and a recent extended absence from the court. ☩ Micaiah Bilger at Life News

Yale Law School Yanks Stipends From Students Who Work For Christian Firms

Yale has found a roundabout way to blacklist legal and nonprofit organizations that don't adhere to Yale’s understanding of gender identity. ☩ Aaron Haviland at The Federalist

Did Darwin get it wrong?

The ‘father of evolution’ as a Victorian gentleman and apologist for his class ☩ Carolyn Moynihan at Mercatornet

My Daughter Went Transgender; I Was Powerless to Stop Doctors From Harming Her

I am a mother whose daughter has identified as transgender since the age of 14. I love her, and I care deeply about her and other kids who identify as transgender. . . ☩ The Stream

The Catholic Press & American Comic Books

The Roman Catholic Church has used pictures in the last two thousand some years to impart its eternally descried truths to the laity. . . ☩ Joachim Brouwer at Catholic Stand

Challenging pope on multiple fronts, Bannon wants to train gladiators

. . .Steve Bannon has a proposition for you: How about spending a year in his new year-long institute in Italy, with the aim of emerging as a “gladiator” in the defense of Judeo-Christian civilization? ☩ Elise Harris & John L. Allen, Jr., at Crux

Marijuana: A wolf in sheep’s clothing

In the past, the tobacco industry reaped enormous profits while denying the harm of cigarettes. History must not repeat itself with a powerful cannabis lobby. ☩ Richard Fitzgibbons, M.D., at The Catholic World Report

Europe’s War on Christianity

☩ William Kilpatrick, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine

YouTube Revolution

☩ John Waters at First Things

Unplanned—A Pro-Life Film That Doesn’t “Play It Safe”

☩ Monica Migliornio Miller at Crisis Magazine

Your Closet: More Chant Less Chaos

☩ Meghan Ashley Styling

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