Pope Francis, the hidden schism is not really new

The German Bishops’ Conf. latest decision to convoke a local Synod that will lead to binding decisions on sexuality, priestly celibacy & reduction of clerical power was not a surprise. . .the decision shed light once more on a well-known problem: the hidden schism within the Catholic. . . ☩ Andrea Gagliarducci at Monday Vatican

3 Powerful Reasons It Will Take the Laity to Renew the Church in Crisis

It is said that for the Catholic Church to be renewed it will take the laity. ☩ Fr. Bill Peckman at ChurchPOP

In Edmonton, growth puts pressure on Catholic school enrollment

Edmonton’s Catholic schools are at full capacity and may soon have to turn away students, although school district officials are hopeful that new funding from the Alberta government will be announced. ☩ Catholic News Agency via The Catholic World Report

Catholic Journalist Could Face Prison Time for Using “Wrong Pronoun to Describe Transgender Girl” on Twitter

A Catholic journalist was asked by police to come in for questioning over tweets that allegedly “misgendered” an individual, potentially an offense under the United Kingdom Malicious Communications Act. ☩ uCatholic

Tradition Meets Technology at the New Monastery of the Carmelites of Wyoming

Adherence to tradition needn't mean utter avoidance of modernity & technology & in this particular story we learn of how the Carmelites of Wyoming have learned & utilized technology in a way that is helping bring traditional design & noble materials. . . ☩ Shawn R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal

Science Builds on Faith: STEM Studies Grow From Catholic Roots

☩ Elisabeth Deffner at National Catholic Register

Your Closet: More Chant Less Chaos

☩ Meghan Ashley Styling

Pope Leo XIII Teaches Fundraising


What on earth is a ‘social justice hackathon’?

Michael Novak, an American Catholic political scholar best known for his demonstrations that democratic capitalism & Catholic social teaching are compatible, Catholic scholars from think tanks & educational institutions come from all over to deliver speeches on current social issues & the solutions they have discovered through their work. ☩ Jacob Comello at Catholic News Service via Crux

The Bad Poetry of Modern Hymnody

In an earlier column, I asked why we could not sing hymns from the Christian treasury, which is nearly two thousand years old, and which features composers with names like Bach and Handel and poets from Prudentius to Thomas Aquinas to Isaac Watts, the Wesleys, and John Henry Newman, rather than silly, sloppy, banally sentimental, and often ungrammatical lyrics set to off-off-Broadway show tunes. ☩ Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine

The Hypocritical SPLC, the Hateful Hate List People

There’s enough truth in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s famous list of hate groups to hide one huge example of hate: the SPLC’s own. ☩ Tom Gilson at The Stream

In South Carolina, statewide Catholic Bee tests religious knowledge

How well would you do if you had to answer questions about the Catholic faith while standing in front of a room full of people Students faced that challenge recently at the first Diocese of Charleston Catholic Bee in early March at St. Anne School in Rock Hill, which drew 30 Catholic school students in third through eighth grades from four local Catholic schools. ☩ Christina Lee Knauss at Catholic News Service via Crux

Proper Liturgy Needs Doctrinal Truth

Liturgical thought today seems to downplay the importance of doctrine while elevating the significance of practice. The harmony of lex orandi as the criterion of lex credendi is questioned. Dogma and liturgy seem to have parted company. We need to choose which side we are on. . . ☩ Fr. James V. Schall, S.J., at Crisis Magazine

Is Religion Just a Social Construct?

One of the arguments against religion is that it’s a social construction – that is, that religion (particularly, belief in an interventionist or “moralistic” god, meaning a god interested in human affairs and morality) is something invented by society, in order to regulate its citizenry. ☩ Joe Heschmeyer, J.D., at Shameless Popery

Alternative spring break to Mexico opens eyes, hearts of students

☩ Denis Grasska at Catholic News Service via Crux

Catholic Charities works to meet needs of Inland Empire’s poor

☩ Press-Enterprise via California Catholic Daily

Don’t Get Old In Belgium

☩ Rod Dreher at The American Conservative

Is the Bible without error

☩ Philip Kosloski at Aleteia

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