Bishop’s phone porn didn’t involve minors, but questions remain on move to Vatican

When Pope Francis decided in 2017 to bring an Argentine bishop to Rome and give him a job in the Vatican, the prelate had been accused of “strange behavior” but not of criminal sexual conduct, Crux has learned. ☩ Inés San Martín at Crux

Critics question ‘Equality Act’ exclusion of religious freedom

Federal legislation purporting to guarantee equality explicitly rejects religious freedom protections and would open the gates to anti-discrimination lawsuits against religious believers and institutions who disagree with the bill’s broad view of LGBT discrimination, critics said. ☩ Catholic News Agency via The Catholic World Report

‘Son, Give Me Thy Heart’ — the Extraordinary Life of an Irish-Catholic Priest

Father Seamus O’Kielty passed away as Christendom College’s assistant chaplain, revealing a legacy of faithfully following Jesus Christ in the spirit of old Ireland’s Catholic missionaries. ☩ Peter Jesserer Smith at National Catholic Register

Vatican diplomat accused of corruption & ‘romantic’ relationship while at UN

Archbishop Francis Chullikatt is alleged to have maintained an inappropriate relationship with a woman during his time as the Holy See’s permanent observer to the United Nations. ☩ J.D. Flynn, J.C.L., & Ed Condon, J.C.L., at Catholic News Agency via National Catholic Register

Who were St. Joseph’s parents?

The parents of the foster father of Jesus raised a "just man," who would guard the Savior of the world. ☩ Philip Kosloski at Aleteia

There’s Room In The Democrat 2020 Field For A Pro-Life Candidate

About half of Americans are opposed to abortion, and more are disgusted by late-term and partial-birth abortions. Democrats should stop running radicals if they are serious about winning. ☩ Charles C. Camosy at The Federalist

Sunday best, casual Friday, & ties

☩ John Grondelski, Ph.D., at National Catholic Register

Zanchetta affair exposes a culture of fear, indifference

☩ Christopher R. Altieri at The Catholic World Report

Study: Cohabiting Relationships Are Less Stable Than Marriage

☩ Catholic News Agency via National Catholic Register

Exposing the Anti-Mary: An Interview with Carrie Gress

☩ Shane Kepler at Catholic Exchange

A Rock & Roll Journalist Opens Her Ears to God

“I don’t believe that my experience on October 22, 1999, is going to convert anyone,” says Dawn Eden Goldstein about a key event along her journey to the Catholic Church, “But it converted me, and that’s what matters.” ☩ Christopher S. Morrissey at The Catholic World Report

What We Saw in the New Zealand Mosque Murders? The New Paganism

These killers, the kind of people who shoot up and bomb mosques, hate Christianity as much as they hate Islam. ☩ Peter Wolfgang at The Stream

Book Review: ‘Golden State’ Depicts A World When Telling The Truth Becomes A Crime

Ben H. Winters' detective novel 'Golden State' tells of a dystopian future where honesty is rigorously policed, and succeeds as thought-provoking entertainment. ☩ Clay Waters at The Federalist

Pursuing Beauty Must Be an Intentional Choice

Have you ever watched a sunset and felt something deep in your soul stir to life? This feeling has many names; poets call it nostalgia, theologians call it longing. It comes from an encounter with Beauty and it shakes us to our core. ☩ Haley Stewart at Carrots for Michaelmas

Should Christian Ministries Use Liberal Social Media Platforms to Get Their Message out?

It would be one thing if we sold our souls to these platforms, compromising our message to maintain our good standing. . . . ☩ Michael Brown, Ph.D., at The Stream

‘Leaving Neverland’ & the new sexual morality

What does the unmasking of Michael Jackson actually change? ☩ Carolyn Moynihan at Mercatornet

There’s nothing new about anti-Catholic bigotry

☩ Joanna Bogle at The Catholic World Report

California Threatens the Seal of Confession

☩ Charlotte Allen at First Things

There Are Now 122 Papal Electors

☩ The Eponymous Flower

The Silencing of Christians

☩ Michael Brown, Ph.D., at The Stream

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