We Can’t Do it Ourselves: Growing in Holiness During Lent

One of the most significant lessons He teaches us through fasting and prayer is how to turn to Him with ever greater trust. ☩ Constance T. Hull at Catholic Exchange

Amazon’s Anti-Christian, Pro-Muslim & Nazi-Neutral Policies

On March 13, Rev. William Owens, President of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), demanded that Amazon enforce its own policies regarding “offensive and controversial materials” when it comes to anti-Christian products. . . ☩ John Zmirak, Ph.D., at The Stream

Cardinal Godfried Danneels Dies at 85

The archbishop emeritus of Mechelen-Brussels was a controversial ‘reformer’ who jokingly admitted to being part of a ‘mafia’ club that tried to prevent Benedict XVI’s election in 2005. ☩ Edward Pentin at National Catholic Register

The Stational Liturgies of the Roman Church

The term "station" was used in different senses in earlier times. Some early Christian references speak of "station" in the sense of keeping a fast. . .Many liturgical writers will point to "station" as a military term, noting how it was adopted into a Christian application. ☩ Shawn R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal

The recent Sino-Vatican Accord was a surrender

Strange but true. . . ☩ David Warren at Essays in Idleness

Ladies & Gentlemen, the Church in Germany, In All Her Glorious Calamity

Germany seems to be the caput malorum omnium in the Church today. Every weird, heretical, and just plain stupid thing comes from that dark swamp of arrogant confusion. ☩ Fr. Z's Blog

Board members say Chicago seminary closure lacks transparency

☩ Catholic News Agency via The Catholic World Report

Pope Leo XIII Teaches Fundraising

☩ Brice Sokolowski at

A Litany for Couples Praying to Conceive

. . .the Milk Grotto has taken on a special reputation as a place of prayer for couples praying to conceive. ☩ Fr. Edward Looney at Catholic Exchange

Living in a Time of Mass Insanity

When I was a boy and reading about the French Revolution I thought to myself what a terrible thing it would be to live in a time when so many people took leave of their senses. Little did I know what the future had in store for me. . . ☩ Donald R. McClarey, J.D., at The American Catholic

Is It Intolerant to Share the Faith?

Recently, an evangelical Christian polling firm released a study on Christian views of evangelization. . . ☩ Eric Sammons at Catholic Answers Magazine

Our Baptismal Call to Holiness & Becoming A Saint

Lent is a time of prayer, penance, fasting and almsgiving in preparation for the celebration of the Paschal Mystery. But another event for which we prepare is the renewal of our baptismal promises at Easter ☩ Allison Low at Catholic Stand

What in the World Is a “Worship Space”?

Euphemisms are de rigeur for revolutionaries. Commie states call themselves “people’s republics.” When they instigate conflicts, they are “wars of liberation”. . . ☩ Fr. John A. Perricone, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine

South by Southwest (SXSW) Leads East of Eden

Like Adam and Eve, we have to be careful not to fall into the trap of wanting to become like gods when we are but men. ☩ K.V. Turley at National Catholic Register

The continuing child problem in China

Will the state start to coerce births? ☩ Marcus Roberts at Mercatornet

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