Few abuse scandals involve Francis as directly as that of an Argentine bishop

Though Pope Francis has faced questions and even criticism for his overall handling of the clerical sexual abuse scandals in Catholicism, few cases touch the pontiff quite as directly as that of Argentine Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, who was brought to Rome at the pope’s personal initiative and who now stands accused of abuse. ☩ Inés San Martín at Crux

What’s next for Cardinal Pell?

Although the Vatican has announced that a canonical process will examine the charges against Pell, writes Ed Condon, those looking to McCarrick’s case as an example are likely to find it a false comparison. ☩ Ed Condon, J.C.L., at Catholic News Agency via The Catholic World Report

This Man Will Drink Only Beer For Lent – Here’s the Little-Known Story Behind This Ancient Fast

Del Hall, an army veteran from Ohio, is fasting on only beer for all 46 days of the Lenten season. That’s right–he will not consume any sold food for the entirety of lent! ☩ ChurchPOP

How Aquinas & a Jesuit Priest Are Responsible for Creating Hypertext

Father Roberto Busa was a Jesuit priest who pioneered the usage of computers for linguistic & literary analysis. . . ☩ Billy Ryan at uCatholic

The Holy See & Cardinal Pell

Why did the Vatican, the day after the conviction was announced publicly, reiterate the mantra that has become habitual in Vatican commentary on the Pell case? ☩ George Weigel at The Catholic World Report

Cultural Assimilation Has Corrupted the Church in America

The New York state legislature passed the most regressive anti-life law in history. Its governor, Andrew Cuomo, a self-proclaimed Catholic, supported & shepherded the legislation & gleefully proclaimed its enactment. . . ☩ Jason Surmiller, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine

Vatican Spokesmen: Pope Francis’ Seventh Year Will Be ‘Synodal’

The Holy Father spent the sixth anniversary of his election as the 265th successor of St. Peter on a weeklong Lenten retreat. ☩ Courtney Grogan at CNA via National Catholic Register

Why ‘Free College’ Will Do Little to Help Poorer Americans

A large portion of the beneficiaries of free college will be relatively affluent middle-class individuals. ☩ Richard Vedder at The Stream

UK archaeologists believe they’ve found the monastery of a key figure in the spread of Christianity

Excavation yields clues to location of religious site founded by a pagan princess turned Christian. ☩ John Burger at Aleteia

A Pastoral Approach to Evangelizing Culture

☩ Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg at Catholic Exchange

A father’s rights sacrificed on the transgender altar

☩ Campbell Campbell-Jack at Mercatornet

Benedict XVI’s key to a fruitful Lent

☩ Philip Kosloski at Aleteia

Television Dramas & Lust

☩ Jim Dougherty at Catholic Stand

Tantum potes quantum aude—On founding a new monastery

We are confident that even in the modern world there are those who, as of old, will see the value of endowing a monastic foundation, and indeed who will respond to our appeal. ☩ Dom Alcuin Reid at The Catholic World Report

YouTube Demonetized My Christian Channel & You Won’t Believe Why

Gabby explained that she posted the Bible verses to help others. “Seeing that there [were] people in my school that needed help. They don’t need to be living in the confusion of wondering if they should be gay, bi, lesbian, trans — anything like that. ☩ Michael Brown, Ph.D., at The Stream

What does climate change mean for having children, Nothing

What amateur logicians call "guilt by association" might be bad logic, but it is an excellent rhetorical strategy. . . ☩ Matthew Walther at The Week

The men of Oberammergau have begun a “fast” that will last over a year

According to centuries-old tradition, this sacrifice is vital for the success of the Passion Play in 2020. ☩ John Burger at Aleteia

Politicizing Pediatrics: How the AAP’s Transgender Guidelines Undermine Trust in Medical Authority

The five-year-old boy who transitions to identify as a girl has taken a major step on a road that may lead to treatment with cross-sex hormones, castration, & infertility. . . ☩ Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.D., at Public Discourse

Cardinal Pell Trial Observer Calls Guilty Verdict ‘Incomprehensible’

A witness to both of Cardinal George Pell’s trials says the prefect emeritus of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy is a victim of ‘trial by media’ & the guilty verdict is ‘utterly unfair.’ ☩ Edward Pentin at National Catholic Register

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