Senators should stop asking about judicial nominees’ religious beliefs

There are other ways to inquire about their fitness for office — that don’t violate the Constitution. ☩ John A. Sparks, J.D., of The Washington Post

About Lent

Lent is less than a month away, & this year, we’re preparing our hearts to enter into the greatest story ever told. It’s a whirlwind of emotions, going from Genesis to Jesus in Sacred Scripture. We know how the story ends, but are we prepared for the long road to get there? This Lent, we’re taking a few steps to get ready to enter the desert. Here’s how we’re getting ready for the demanding, powerful, joyful story presented in Genesis to Jesus. . . ☩ St. Paul Center

Did Pius XII Prophesy About a “Church Which Remains Silent & Weakens the Law of God”?

When Pope Venerable Pius XII addressed the Roman people in Saint Peter’s Square in light of the Mindszenty’s imprisonment, he describes a Church that has given into the demands of the Secular State, & what “is expected as the price for her tolerance & her problematic recognition” that some would say are seen as prophetic warnings. ☩ Billy Ryan of uCatholic

Does Christ’s Church Need to Be ‘Restored’?

One thing nearly all non-Catholic Christian faith traditions have in common is some sort of “apostasy narrative.” ☩ Douglas M. Beaumont of Catholic Answers Magazine

I Am A Forgiving Person, Uh, Not So Much!

I thought I was a loving, forgiving person who didn’t judge people and just wanted to help them. . . ☩ Kendra Von Esh of Catholic Stand

Hard to believe but yes, there are more martyrs today than in 1st centuries

Pope takes up the plight of persecuted Christians in his prayer intention for March ☩ Aleteia

Pagans vs Christians in the modern world

The history of the late Roman Empire sheds light on bitter contemporary debates ☩ Rachel Lu, Ph.D., of Mercatornet

What Was Hitler’s Religion?

Adolf Hitler was one of the most evil figures of the 20th century. His ideology of war and racism led to millions of deaths. What was it that drove him to adopt the abominable policies he did? Did his views on religion play any role in this? ☩ Jimmy Akin

Protestant Acknowledges “Five Things We Lost because of the Reformation” – one of the best I’ve read on it

He is trying to help Protestants understand that there were problems created by the Protestant movement. He explains five big loses: 1) Loss of unity, 2) Loss of monasteries, 3) Loss of silence, 4) Loss of “doing things”, and 5) Loss of color and beauty. I think this is must reading for Catholics and Protestants. ☩ Defenders of the Catholic Faith

18th Century Lenten Veils from the Former Benedictine Abbey of Irsee, Bavaria

Continuing with our consideration of some of the unique traditions found within Lent, many of our readers will already be familiar with the concept of the Lenten veil (velum quadrigesimale). . . ☩ Shawn R. Tribe of Liturgical Arts Journal

The Empty Promise of Socialism

Socialism is getting a lot of attention these days. It is alarming to hear wild-eyed politicians describe half-baked schemes for getting their mitts on the wealth of those wealthy Americans they would have us despise and blame for all of our woes. . . ☩ Rita Dunaway of The Stream

Everyday People Are Reducing Poverty—Not Big Government

People, not the government, are making huge strides in addressing the needs of their communities & uprooting the cycles of poverty. ☩ Jake Grant of Foundation for Economic Education

Comparing Evidence for God vs. Werewolves

. . .They’ll say that you can’t prove that something doesn’t exist and since they haven’t seen any evidence for God’s existence, just like I haven’t seen any evidence for the existence of a werewolf, then they are withholding their belief. . . ☩ uCatholic

Latin Mass Permission Slip from Milwaukee, A.D. 1985

☩ Gregory DiPippo of New Liturgical Movement


☩ Kat Larson of Ignitum Today

The History of the Folded Chasuble Part I

☩ Aelredus Rievallensis of Canticum Salomonis

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