The World Does Not Honor the Housewife, So We Must

The word “vocation” gets sort of abused by both the world and in Churchy-talk. In the Church we use it to refer only in the sense of the objective states in life of marriage and the priesthood or religious life. . . ☩ Jason Craig of Those Catholic Men

About Lent

Lent is less than a month away, & this year, we’re preparing our hearts to enter into the greatest story ever told. It’s a whirlwind of emotions, going from Genesis to Jesus in Sacred Scripture. We know how the story ends, but are we prepared for the long road to get there? This Lent, we’re taking a few steps to get ready to enter the desert. Here’s how we’re getting ready for the demanding, powerful, joyful story presented in Genesis to Jesus. . . ☩ St. Paul Center

A fast-growing order of nuns chose the Hill Country for expansion because 'Texans just get it'

Texas attracted another corporate expansion this year, one that could have an impact on a major institution in this state, and one that flew under the radar of state leaders in Austin. The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist are growing so rapidly, they had to build a second convent for the nuns. ☩ Elizabeth Souder of The Dallas Morning News

Bishop J. Mark Spalding of Nashville's Scandal Involving Homosexuality

Openly “Gay” Priest’s Dissent Scandalizes Tennessee Parish ☩ Jim Russell of Crisis Magazine

French Cardinal Convicted of Failing to Report Abuse

He was given a six-month suspended prison sentence. The cardinal will appeal the verdict, according to The Associated Press. ☩ Catholic News Agency via National Catholic Register

Two-Faith Nation

When it comes to cultural issues, there is no center-left. ☩ David French of National Review

Matthew 7:7 – The Lenten Appeal Blueprint

☩ Brice Sokolowski of

This Lent Remember Your Death

☩ Pete Socks of Catholic Stand

Doing Battle with the Devil: 1st Sunday of Lent

At the beginning of Lent, the Church reads to us the account of Jesus doing spiritual combat with the devil in the wilderness, reminding us that Lent is a time of warfare. Through our Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, we do battle with the power of the devil in our lives, and with God’s grace, defeat him decisively. ☩ John Bergsma, Ph.D., of The Sacred Page

Cardinal Müller on his “Manifesto”, its critics, Church leadership, current crisis

“The motive for sexual abuse of minors and ecclesiastical inferiors,” says the former prefect of the CDF, “is not the thirst for power over others, but unmastered sexual desire, which leads to the sin of lust and dehumanizes the victims.” ☩ The Catholic World Report

Confess My Sins to a Priest? Why Can't I Just Talk to God?

Our Lord gave the power to forgive sins to the Apostles, who in turn passed it along to their successors, the bishops and priests. ☩ Kathy Schiffer of National Catholic Register

How a Catholic Businessman Put the Filet-O-Fish on the McDonald’s Menu

Cincinnati’s Lou Groen turned a 1963 idea into the popular Lenten sandwich. ☩ Patti Maguire Armstrong of National Catholic Register

Cardinal Maradiaga discusses Cardinal Pell, Vatican Summit, service, & reform

The cardinal president of the “C6” Council of Cardinal Advisers spoke recently spoke to the news portal Religión Digital about the crisis of clerical sexual abuse and coverup in the Church, as well as the reform of the Roman Curia. ☩ Christopher R. Altieri of The Catholic World Report

First They Came for the Catholics. . .

The War on Catholic Judicial Appointments began in 2017 when Dianne Feinstein used her seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee to go after Judge Amy Coney Barrett ☩ Dov Fischer of The American Spectator

Dred Scott & Roe v. Wade: Two Supreme Court Decisions Claiming Some People Have No Human Rights

162 years ago today, the Supreme Court handed down its disastrous Dred Scott v. Sanford decision. Like Roe v. Wade, to which pro-lifers routinely compare it, the High Court’s vote was 7-2. ☩ Dave Andrusko of Life News

The Power of Praise & Worship

☩ Thomas Clements of Ignitum Today

Latin Mass Permission Request Form from Buffalo, 1985

☩ Gregory DiPippo of New Liturgical Movement

The Living Wage & Its Critics

☩ John Clark of National Catholic Register

What Does Scripture Mean by “the Flesh”?

☩ Msgr. Charles Pope of Community in Mission

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