Five Meanings of the Ashes We Receive Today

As a boy, I remember wondering why so many people liked to rush to Church to get ashes smudged on their foreheads. . . ☩ Msgr. Charles Pope of Community in Mission

Modern Blindness: Failure to See What Is Real & True

Aristotle says that sight is the most philosophical sense. Of the five senses, it most resembles our capacity to know. We naturally desire both to see and to know. Indeed, knowing is an intellectual seeing. Of course, “I see” can mean “I understand.” ☩ Edvard Lorkavic of Crisis Magazine

About Lent

Lent is less than a month away, & this year, we’re preparing our hearts to enter into the greatest story ever told. It’s a whirlwind of emotions, going from Genesis to Jesus in Sacred Scripture. We know how the story ends, but are we prepared for the long road to get there? This Lent, we’re taking a few steps to get ready to enter the desert. Here’s how we’re getting ready for the demanding, powerful, joyful story presented in Genesis to Jesus. . . ☩ St. Paul Center

Doctors of the Church: Fasting Can Help Faithful Hold Fast to God’s Love

St. Thomas and St. Francis de Sales offer sage advice for fasting this Lent. ☩ Joseph O'Brien of National Catholic Register

The stakes of Pell’s Vatican trial

The Vatican has announced that a canonical process against Cardinal Pell will soon begin in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. ☩ Ed Condon, J.C.L., & J.D. Flynn, J.C.L. of CNA via The Catholic World Report

How to Make The Most Out of Lent

Lent is not simply a time where we deprive ourselves of joy for a few weeks—just because. It is a time where we are supposed to focus on our own personal relationship with God, developing our mental, personal, and spiritual health—so that we can make more room for God in our every day lives. ☩ Gregory Popcak, Ph.D., & Rachael Popcak of Faith on the Couch

Pope Appoints Bishops of Memphis, Fresno, Names New Auxiliary for LA

Bishop David Prescott Talley will head Memphis, while Bishop Joseph Brennan will head Fresno. Fr. Alejandro Aclan is new auxiliary bishop for L.A. ☩ CNA via National Catholic Register

The Pure In Heart Shall See God

In Matthew 5:8, Jesus promises us that the pure in heart shall see God. ☩ Thomas Clements of Integrated Catholic Life™

Plagiarism prompts retraction of a 25-year-old article by Fr. Thomas Rosica, C.S.B.

. . .According to Dougherty’s analysis, Rosica’s article, “The Road to Emmaus and the Road to Gaza: Luke 24:13-35 & Acts 8:26-40,” plagiarizes from six different sources. . . ☩ Ivan Oransky of Retraction Watch

The Responsibilities of Good Taste

“The new school of art and thought does indeed wear an air of audacity, and breaks out everywhere into blasphemies, as if it required any courage to say a blasphemy. There is only one thing that it requires real courage to say, and that is a truism.” - G. K. Chesterton ☩ John H. Folley of Beauty Advocacy

Muslim Azerbaijan & 'the worst cultural genocide of the 21st century' Upon Christian Armenia

A damning new report details an attempted erasure by Azerbaijan of its Armenian cultural heritage, including the destruction of tens of thousands of Unesco-protected ancient stone carvings ☩ Dale Berning Sawa of The Guardian

On the Rise of Ethnic-Nationalism

. . .I’ve noticed a trend that's dangerous for Christianity, but one that could be remedied by going back to a traditional Christian perspective. ☩ Shane Schaetzel of Complete Christianity

How to Build a Go-To (Sunday Mass) Wardrobe

Growing up, I was always scrambling to blow dry my hair while tossing oodles of clothes across my room. . . ☩ Meghan Ashley Styling

Supreme Court Rejects Church-Funding Case

☩ CNA via National Catholic Register

St. John Chrysostom Teaches Fundraising

☩ Brice Sokolowksi of

How Aquinas’s First Mover is Also Universal Governor

☩ Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D., of Strange Notions

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