Papal Allies Reveal Their Plans for Revolutionary Change

On March 3, 2013, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor—an alumnus of the St. Gallen mafia—met with then-Cardinal Bergoglio over risotto & wine. ☩ Julia Meloni of Crisis Magazine

Six Things to Do Before Lent

Lent is less than a month away, & this year, we’re preparing our hearts to enter into the greatest story ever told. It’s a whirlwind of emotions, going from Genesis to Jesus in Sacred Scripture. We know how the story ends, but are we prepared for the long road to get there? This Lent, we’re taking a few steps to get ready to enter the desert. Here’s how we’re getting ready for the demanding, powerful, joyful story presented in Genesis to Jesus. . . ☩ St. Paul Center

No, Austen Ivereigh, Our Lord Didn’t Have ‘Homosexual Tendencies’ (Updated)

“Christ, the Son of God made man, is the Father's one, perfect & unsurpassable Word.” (CCC 65) ☩ Fr. Matthew L. Schneider, L.C., of National Catholic Register

Dramatic Increase of American's Identifying as "Pro-Life"

Pro-Abortion Push Boosts Pro-Life Cause, Poll Finds ☩ Kathy Schiffer of National Catholic Register

Fr. Thomas Rosica’s Long Term, Large Scale Blatant Plagiarism is a Problem Which Extends Right to the Top of the Church

I doubt very much whether Fr Roscica’s repeated, long term plagiarism will result in any sort of restrictions or penalties. ☩ Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Pope Francis is Losing Power & "Accountability"

. . .the Zanchetta case, on a par with the case of former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, weighs directly against the person of Pope Francis, who has never replied to the allegations that he supported and promoted both of them in spite of the fact that he knew about their reprehensible behavior. ☩ Sandro Magister of Settimo Cielo of L'Espresso

What Moral Relativism Really Says About Reality

Most of us, at some point, have encountered the demon of moral relativism, a philosophy claiming that every system of moral precepts (or lack thereof) is equally good, and adherence to one or another is merely a matter of personal preference. In other words, “Truth is in the eye of the beholde ☩ Cecily Lowe of Catholic Stand

These Are the Oldest Surviving Images of the Virgin Mary

Distinctly absent from the four Gospels or any book of the New Testament are descriptions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in any detail. Nevertheless, Catholic tradition has depicted Our Lady in many forms throughout history. ☩ Billy Ryan of uCatholic

Glorious Chastity: Offering Children the Safest Place in a Devastated World

☩ Stacy A. Trasancos, Ph.D., of National Catholic Register

Argentine Bishop's Case Overshadows Pope's Sex Abuse Summit

☩ Nicole Winfield of Associated Press via U.S. News & World Report

Vatican Cringe-a-thon Sex Abuse Summit Ends

☩ Mark Lambert of De Omnibus Dubitandum Est.

Vatican II’s Three Principles of Fundraising

☩ Brice Sokolowksi of

An Unlikely Cahtolic Conversion

☩ Mark Bauerlein & Abigail Rine Favale of First Things

Three Ways to Pray for Priests

In 2002, St. John Paul II asked “Catholics to stay close to their priests & Bishops, & to support them with their prayers at this difficult time.” Because of the crimes of a few & the cover-up of those crimes, these “difficult times” continue. ☩ Rose Folsom of Catholic Exchange

Apple Cooperates With the CCP to Censor “Bitter Winter”

A number of apps, media & VPNs are blocked from operating in Communist China, where cyber-control against freedom of speech & information has become a national obsession. ☩ Marco Respintin of Bitter Winter

National Survey Results: What We Learned About Latin Mass Attendees

Through more than twenty years of offering both the Novus Ordo Mass (NOM) & the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), this writer has observed variations between the people attending the two different Masses within the Roman Rite. . . ☩ Fr. Donald Kloster et al. of Liturgy Guy

Have you visited these Catholic pilgrimage sites in the American South?

Most people don't realize that the South is home to some of the oldest & most beautiful Catholic churches & sites in the United States. ☩ Carissa Pluta of Aleteia

State Dept’s Pro-LGBT Offensive Unwittingly Endangers Religious Liberty for Christians Worldwide

Plan misreads American freedom, as the caricature that leftists & theocrats like to cite. ☩ John Zmirak, Ph.D., of The Stream

Why does God permit the devil to tempt us?

God's ways are certainly not our ways. ☩ Philip Kosloski of Aleteia

Why U.S. Catholic Bishops Are Servile to the Democrats

The Stream’s John Zmirak joined Catholic author Taylor Marshall to talk about why American Catholic leaders are so quiet on moral issues like abortion & sexuality, but so loud on immigration, welfare programs, & other topics dear to the Democrats. ☩ John Zmirak, Ph.D., with Taylor Marshall, Ph.D.

The Paradox of the Cross

Sometimes, the most holy and blameless men have to bear a great cross of suffering throughout their lives, whereas the sinful & worldly men sometimes get healed by God despite their negligible faith. ☩ Noel Ethan Tan of Ignitum Today

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