Penitence is a Lifelong Endeavor

The end of sorrow, both natural & supernatural, is correction, change. Supernatural sorrow must wean the soul from sin & turn it to God; it must, in other words, work repentance, for to repent is to change. The punishment of sin is meant to deter from sin. It is first corrective & then penal. ☩ John A. Kane of Catholic Exchange

Why Did I Leave My Comfortable Job to Pursue Classical Art Training?

Many people would say it was crazy (& likely they were saying it). I left a very good career path that didn't entail a fraction of the risk & outright financial loss that turning down years of income in exchange for years of tuition would. And yet my wife & I weighed these realities and with a little fear, a lot of hope, support from family, & a firm will, took the leap & moved our small family up to Manchester, New Hampshire to start this foolish little enterprise. ☩ John H. Folley

You Should Want to Be a Great Saint

Do you want to be a saint? Is it arrogant or presumptuous to believe one can become a saint? ☩ Andrew Garofalo of Those Catholic Men

St. Teresa of Calcutta’s Secret to True Peace of the Human Heart, Explained by a Parish Priest

We have heard Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, “Peace begins with a smile.” What does that mean? ☩ Fr. Khoi Tran of ChurchPOP

This Lent, Give Up Worry

Worries. We all have them. They come in the form of finances, health, relationships and everything in between. Suffice it to say worries are a reality of life. The question is how do we deal with them? Gary Zimak has a 40-day reflection book for Lent that holds the key called Give Up Worry for Lent!: 40 Days to Finding Peace in Christ. ☩ Pete Socks of Catholic Stand

What Is the Meaning Behind the Names of Three Archangels?

Throughout the Old & New Testament, only three divine messengers are given proper names: the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, & Raphael. . . ☩ Billy Ryan of uCatholic

The Benefits & Beauties of Liturgical Repetition

Repetition in the liturgy is a profound topic, & I am under no illusions that I will be able to offer a comprehensive or definitive account of it. Rather, I would like to suggest some ways of thinking about repetition that may help us to appreciate its positive value, over against the assumptions that stood behind the far-reaching simplification of liturgical rites in the 20th century. ☩ Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D., Rorate Cæli

“Yes, Lord, You Know That I Love You”

When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?” He said to him, “Yes, Lord; you know that I love you.” He said to him, “Feed my lambs.” ☩ Winston Elliott, III, National Catholic Register

Why You Should Read Church History

A good reason for reading church history is that it gives one hope, helping one navigate the stormy waters of yesterday’s news with a calm hand on the tiller. And not only does it put present turmoil into perspective, but it helps one realize that things have often been bad, but despite all the death sentences pronounced on Christians and Christianity, the church has survived… ☩ Fr. Dwight Longenecker of The Imaginative Conservative

What Are the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are “specially intended for the sanctification of the person who receives them”. . . ☩ Billy Ryan of uCatholic

Convert & Become Like Little Children

Even in simple cultures, an independent adult faces a long spiritual journey before they can live in the heart of God as a child. In our current milieu, Catholics are preoccupied with many pressing issues, so preoccupied we often overlook some of the most basic facts of how to live in the Spirit: ☩ Melanie Jean Juneau of Catholic Stand

Did Our Lady of Fatima predict the “End Times”?

Does the third secret of Fatima hold the key to what will happen when the world ends? ☩ Philip Kosloski of Aleteia

The Mystery of Near-Death Experiences, Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World

Some people claim to have died & come back to life & report strange experiences of life after death. Jimmy Akin & Dom Bettinelli look at the claims, the scientific evidence, & the implications for faith of these near-death experiences. ☩ Domenico Bettinelli of the Jimmy Akin blog

Five Examples of the Thurible

☩ Shawn R. Tribe of Liturgical Arts Journal

The Holy Spirit: Wild & Wonderful

☩ Paul Oakes of Catholic Stand


☩ Erin Cain of Ignitum Today

The Eight Stages of the Rise & Fall of Civilizations

☩ Msgr. Charles Pope of Community in Mission via Defenders of the Catholic Faith

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