Survivor on Pope Francis’s anti-abuse summit: ‘He’s (Pope Francis) gotta deliver’

One of the most outspoken survivors of clerical abuse says that he wants to see accountability for both the crime & cover-up of clerical abuse, and that if an upcoming summit fails to yield these results, Pope Francis will have failed victims. ☩ Elise Harris & John L. Allen, Jr., of Crux

Open Letter to Priests & Bishops: Resign If You Need to

Resign if Breaking Promises of Celibacy ☩ Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, L.C., of Through Catholic Lenses

When Receiving the Eucharist Becomes a Lie

Faithfully practicing Catholics often recoil at the contradictory nature of public figures’ actions and their claims of being Catholic. Especially when they continue their scandalous behavior and yet, present themselves for Holy Communion. ☩ Birgit Jones of Catholic Life In Our Times

Pray for your bishop with this short prayer

"Give him a spirit of courage & right judgment, a spirit of knowledge & love." ☩ Philip Kosloski of Aleteia

Cardinals Burke & Brandmüller: ‘End the Conspiracy of Silence’

In an open letter, the cardinals call on bishops attending this week's Vatican summit on clerical sex abuse to end their silence on moral corruption in the Church and uphold the divine and natural law. ☩ Edward Pentin of National Catholic Register

Emmanual Carrère’s The Kingdom & the Limits of Imagination

Emmanuel Carrère’s lately controversial The Kingdom takes on a project of demystification: it is an imagining of how St. Luke might have joined the early Church after having met St. Paul. ☩ Patrick Malone of Catholic Stand

Facebook Erases Christian Martyrs

(Facebook) banned a post featuring a photo of the Coptic martyrs kneeling before their ISIS executioners. ☩ Rod Dreher of The American Conservative

Here are St. Paul’s criteria for bishop candidates

St. Paul wanted to make sure that those chosen to be bishops were worthy of the title and responsibilities. ☩ Philip Kosloski of Aleteia

St. Clement of Alexandria teaches Major Donor Fundraising

3 Tips from Saint Clement's letter, "Who is the Rich Man That Shall Be Saved?" ☩ Brice Sokolowksi of CatholicFundraiser.net

Join the 21-day pornography detox challenge called Strive

Matt Fradd aims to help men break free of the porn habit. ☩ Cerith Gardiner of Aleteia

A Reflection on Marriage: In Unity & Love

“It is not good that the man should be alone. . .” ☩ Winston Elliott, III, of National Catholic Register

Dear Gay Catholic Priest, Stop Whining

I’ve been reading about your plight in the New York Times. So let’s go ahead & clear something up right now: Most Catholics don’t. . . ☩ Jennifer Fitz of Sticking the Corners

Organist & Master of the Choristers at Westminster Abbey

One hardy, familiar image associated with church music is that of the organist. Stereotypically perhaps they are imagined to be quiet, slightly eccentric characters who hide themselves out of sight in lofts and galleries, only to be discovered when they begin to allow sound to escape from the mighty instrument around them. ☩ Charlotte O'Neill of Vox Humana

An Astonishing Miracle & 10 Ways to Fall Deeper in Love with Jesus

“Father, you can have my eyes. You can have anything. You can have everything!” ☩ Patti Maguire Armstrong of National Catholic Register

Socialism: Cunning Seductress for Catholics but a Deadly Plague on the Body of Christ

. . .more than half of the Catholics in Congress tout a socialist agenda, recently they seem to have made a decision to proudly bear the standard of socialism. ☩ Vicki Burbach of Pelican's Breast

Covetousness & Inequality

The argument over wealth in the U.S. quickly morphed with the Democratic takeover of the House & the start of the Democratic presidential nomination campaign. It’s not that the type of wealth at issue derived from injustice or that there are identifiable harms to wealthy individuals. Being wealthy, the suggestion now seems to be, should be a status offense. ☩ James R. Rogers, Ph.D., of Law and Liberty

The Spirit & the Law

“Since the Law has no more than a reflection of these realities, and no finished picture of them, it is quite incapable of bringing the worshipers to perfection, with the same sacrifices repeatedly offered year after year…” Heb 10:1 ☩ Nicholas Lye of Ignitum Today

The Beginning of Ambrosian Forelent

☩ Gregory DiPippo of New Liturgical Movement

Why We Can’t Change Our Soul After Death

☩ Karlo Broussard of Catholic Answers Magazine

10 Books That Reveal the Idolatrous Nature of Marxism

☩ Bruce Ashford of Christianity for the Common Good

Alas, for Days Gone Bye*: “Dear Committee Members” Reviewed

☩ Robert Kurland, Ph.D., The American Catholic

Traditions of Men

☩ Noel Ethan Tan of Ignitum Today

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