Vatican Sets the Stage for Abuse Summit

Cardinal Cupich & Archbishop Scicluna laid out the blueprint in a news conference Feb. 18. ☩ Edward Pentin of National Catholic Register

The Rome “Summit”, “Gay” Priests, & #sodoclericalism; Wherein Fr. Z Rants - Fr. Z's Blog

You’ve probably heard that a book is timed to be released simultaneously in several languages at the beginning of the Roman episcopal “sex summit”. ☩ Fr. Z's Blog

What Can You Do When Scandal Strikes The Church (Again)

Be there for the victims of abuse & don't wait for the bishops to act. . . ☩ Will Wright of Catholic Link

A Village in Russia Had No Children & Its School Was About to Close Then Something Beautiful Happened. . .

A school in the village of Shapy, in the Smolensk region of western Russia. It was on the brink of closing a dozen years' ago due to the shortage of students. Then three teachers adopted five children, and the rest of the village has followed their example. Now over 70 children ahve been adopted and the school is flourishing. ☩ Marcus Roberts of Mercatornet

Good Bishops Willingly Defy Hostile Cultural Elites

Today, our cultural elite chants an official narrative of Oppressed Sexual Minorities, Yearning for Liberation from Historic Intolerance. ☩ Joseph Woodard of Crisis Magazine

Parish Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Role of the Legion of Mary in Consecration ☩ Ray Sullivan of Catholic Stand

St. Clement of Alexandria teaches Major Donor Fundraising

3 Tips from Saint Clement's letter, "Who is the Rich Man That Shall Be Saved?" ☩ Brice Sokolowksi of

Is Passivity Mistaken for Piety?: On the Perils & Pitfalls of Participation

. . .the notion that laity who sit or kneel quietly at Mass & do not vocally participate are “disengaged & mute onlookers” is something of a caricature. . . ☩ Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D., of New Liturgical Movement

Infidelity: One Cause for Clergy Abuse

A general definition of fidelity is having a faithfulness to beliefs, obligations, duties or observances and especially a strict adherence to vows and promises. ☩ Tom Collingwood of Catholic Stand

The Beauty of the Extraordinary Form Comes from Tradition

. . .a response to Fr. Daniel P. Horan. . . ☩ Susanna Spencer of National Catholic Register

10 Ways Catholic Families Can Raise Atheist Children

I've worked with adults young & old for over twenty years in faith formation. I’ve seen the steps in this list below repeated time & time again with great success. If creating an atheist child is your goal as a Catholic parent, this list is for you: ☩ Troy Hinkel, Ph.D., of Shameless Popery

Catholic Charities unveils a plan to fight chronic homelessness in Southern Nevada

As part of a new nationwide program, Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada is hoping to reduce chronic homelessness in the area by 20 percent in the next five years. ☩ CNA via The Catholic World Report

Authentic Freedom & the Culture’s Counterfeit Offering

Conversations on morality are fueled with passion. But in they are also rooted in a great deal of misunderstanding on the idea of freedom. ☩ Allison Low of Catholic Stand

Catholic organizations scrutinize what works best in fighting poverty

Despite the latest federal estimate that the number of Americans in poverty is now below 40 million for the first time in a long time - the actual figure is 39.7 million - that still means one of every eight Americans is poor. ☩ Mark Pattison of Catholic News Service via Crux

While Bishops Meet in Rome, Catholic Colleges Celebrate Sexual Abuse

When Catholic institutions parade sexual perversion in this crisis, the crimes are compounded. ☩ Robert J. Reilly of National Catholic Register

Is King Charles I a saint?

There is good reason for thinking the king died a martyr ☩ Charles Coulombe of Catholic Herald

The Church’s Long ‘German Moment’

The Church in Germany has heavily influenced the post-conciliar era at the Vatican, most notably during the current German-friendly pontificate of Pope Francis. ☩ Fr. Raymond J. de Souza of National Catholic Register

Into the Deep

“Put out into the deep & let down your nets for a catch.” -- The Holy Gospel of St. Luke Chapter V, Verse IV ☩ Noel Ethan Tan 0f Ignitum Today

The New Bigots

Identity politics is all about dividing the world into we angels & those demons. This will not end well. Catholics in this country should be far more alarmed about this than they are, but we have too many fools, & worse, in our ranks. ☩ Donald R. McClarey, J.D., The American Catholic

Houston artist working on a mural at University of St. Thomas

☩ Elena Scott of Associated Press via Crux

Do We Need the SSPX?

☩ William of Cream City Catholic

The Evolution Controversy: On the Links That Are Missing

☩ Joseph Pearce of National Catholic Register


☩ Jean Elizabeth Seah of Ignitum Today

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