This heroine of Ecuador lived on nothing but the Eucharist

Often compared to Rose of Lima, she lived her piety and mortification from home. ☩ Larry Peterson of Aleteia

Is Your Heart Full of Joy?

The blood of the Lamb has redeemed us, the Holy Spirit is with us. Do we have joy? ☩ Winston Elliott, III, National Catholic Register

The Essence Of Detachment

O Lord, why should the idea of total detachment frighten me since it is the means of finally arriving at loving You with all my heart, with all my soul, & with all my strength, since it is the path which leads me to union with You, infinite beauty & charity, Triune God, the beginning & end of all things? ☩ Burke of Catholic Spiritual Direction

Finding Fulfillment & Joy as a Religious

Often people wonder how someone can find fulfillment as a consecrated religious without having a family, being a wife or husband, a mother or a father. How can anyone find personal fulfillment when they can’t even make all of their own decisions? Yet, as I stumbled along in my vocation, I have found fulfillment as a religious precisely because my rule set me free to dedicate my life to God, without attachment even to my own future plans. ☩ Sister Christina M. Neumann of Catholic Stand

Five Ways to Practice Forgiveness

The renowned English poet Alexander Pope stated: “To err is human; to forgive is divine.” How true this statement, but how difficult it can be! Holding on to resentment indeed is interior slavery. Whereas, to forgive is truly imitating God Himself, but also setting the captive free and that captive is me. ☩ Fr. Ed Broom, O.M.V., of Catholic Exchange

The Danger of Pride & the Power of Humility

Jesus is the model of perfect humility, and punishment for pride is built into the very order of God’s creation. ☩ Fr. William Casey of Catholic Exchange

Intriguing Biblical Analogies to Eucharistic Adoration

“The glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord.” ☩ Dave Armstrong of National Catholic Register

The Ad Orientum & Versus Populum Orientations of the Catholic Mass

I talk about the orientation of the Catholic Mass ☩ David L. Gray of

More Tips to Promote a Strong Marriage

Wisdom from Matt and Mindy Dalton, Peter and Cynthia Lemieux, and Edward Trendowski ☩ Jim Graves of National Catholic Register

To Understand The Entire Bible, Begin At The Beginning

God’s redemptive plan charted throughout Genesis and Exodus are the thematic and theological bases for the rest of the Bible. . . ☩ Guy McClung, Ph.D., J.D., of Catholic Stand

Choral Divine Liturgy in New York City, March 10

St Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church in New York City will present the second part of its ongoing program of classical Slavic Church music on Sunday, March 10, at 6:00 p.m. . . ☩ Gregory DiPippo of New Liturgical Movement

Embracing The Cross, Suffering’s Redemptive Role In Our Salvation (On Suffering, Part II of III)

Suffering is part of life and the frustration over not understanding its place in our world can lead to anger and even despair. Yet, if we seek to understand suffering we can glimpse – if only briefly due to our human limitations– the beauty of suffering and its redemptive role in our salvation. ☩ Steffani Jacobs of Catholic Stand

Timely Read: ‘Morality Needs . . . Saints to Uncover Moral Laws’

Book Pick: Matters of Life & Death ☩ Donald DeMarco of National Catholic Register

Spiritual Résumé

I have officially been at my new job for a week, and I have fallen in love with it. ☩ Kat Larson of Ignitum Today

How to Name Your Catholic Baby

In a classroom full of Baylynns and Apples, former standbys like Mary and John are now unusual, if not downright subversive. ☩ Todd Agliarlo of Catholic Answers Magazine

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