Pro-Infanticide Catholics Need the Church’s Strongest Medicinal Penalties

Editorial: The Church needs to administer strong medicine in the face of publicly dissenting Catholic politicians like the New York governor. ☩ The Editors of National Catholic Register

A simple defrocking won’t mean the McCarrick case is over

Much of the reporting has indicated that the timing of the announcement is deliberate, in that Pope Francis & his Vatican team want the McCarrick case to be resolved before a high-profile summit of presidents of bishops’ conferences from around the world on the clerical abuse scandals set for Feb. 21-24. Here’s the thing, however: Even if McCarrick is defrocked, that hardly would mean his case is over. ☩ John L. Allen, Jr., of Crux

Can the Ol’ Catholic Blog Neighborhood Come Back?

I miss when the Blogosphere felt like a neighborhood with all sorts of takes on the same reality, with slices of home life here, theology there, humor another place, sarcasm another. I miss feeling like walking through the internet like browsing the North End of Boston, or all the hidden lovely places in New York. Now, everything feels like Best Buy & Walmart with a Starbucks on every corner. ☩ Larry Denninger of A Catholic Misfit

The Velatio Nuptialis: An Ancient (& Forgotten) Part of the Latin Marriage Rite

Until around 1999, our parish of Saint-Eugène in Paris was one of the few in France to keep up a custom that goes back to the first centuries of the Church. At Nuptial Masses, [1] two high-ranking clerics or two witnesses held a large white veil [2] over the kneeling couple during the nuptial blessing given by the priest between the Pater and the Kiss of Peace. ☩ Gregory DiPippo of New Liturgical Movement

Lay Catholics: Stop Waiting for Bishops to do Your Job

It is a familiar story. The particulars are more radical this time. But it is essentially the same story. ☩ Peter Wolfgang of Catholic Vote

Biblical & Historical Evidence for Raising the Dead

The miracle of raising the dead is a belief grounded in the Bible & documented throughout Catholic history ☩ Dave Armstrong of National Catholic Register

Christophobia Is Real

I had a galvanizing telephone conversation today with an American academic who grew up in the USSR. They completely agree with the premise of the book I’m planning — a book about the rise of totalitarianism via identity politics progressivism — & urged me to pay particular attention to the way global corporations are carrying these ideas forward. This. . . ☩ Rod Dreher of The American Conservative

Drag Queen Story Hour: Coming to a Library Near You

How should a Catholic respond? ☩ Kathy Schiffer of National Catholic Register

Refuting a Clever Denial of Jesus’ Divinity

☩ J.P. Nunez of Catholic Stand

Pagans vs. Christians in the Modern World

☩ Rachel Lu, Ph.D., of Public Discourse

Iceland's Catholic Church is Booming!

☩ John Aidan Byrne of National Catholic Register

Pope Benedict XV Teaches How To Fundraise

☩ Brice Sokolowksi of

The Age Of Antichrist

☩ Rod Dreher of The American Conservative

Catholic Harbor Seton’s version of Facebook is 1-Year-Old

We recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of Catholic Harbor, Seton’s online social community for enrolled students (ages 13 and up). The anniversary provided an excellent occasion to look back over our first year and to see the impact the site has had for the students. ☩ Seton Magazine

Democratic Socialism & Regular Socialism Have the Same Goal

The longing for the socialist dream comes in part from the great success of capitalism as an engine of prosperity. ☩ Antony P. Mueller of Mises Wire

On the Lam from an Ancient Custom

What happened to the St. Agnes Feast Day tradition? ☩ Ines Murzaku of National Catholic Register

The West Is Stirring

Some people make things happen; some people watch things happening; some people don’t know what’s happening.” This old saw hacked into my head upon reading the Manifesto signed by “30 Pro-Europe Intellectuals,” informally sub-titled in many media reports, “Europe is coming apart before our eyes.” ☩ John Waters of First Things

Did Fulton Sheen Prophesy About These Times?

“The only way out of this crisis is spiritual. . . The time is nearer than you think.” ☩ Joseph Pronechen of National Catholic Register

Christianity’s Masculinity Crisis

It might seem odd to classify gender theory as a national security threat. After all, if a woman feels she was meant to be a man, there seems to be no reason why her personal desires should have any impact on national policy. ☩ William Kilpatrick, J.D., of Crisis Magazine

Misery Versus Poverty

Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. ☩ Julie Machado of Catholic Stand

Economics helps explain why suicide is more common among Protestants

. . .for people who are in a suicidal state of mind, the individualistic qualities of Protestantism can tip the balance towards ending their lives. ☩ Sascha O. Becker and Ludger Woessmann of Big Think

Adventures in the Old Atheism, Part III: Freud

Our theme has been the tendency of the best-known Old Atheists to show greater insight vis-à-vis the consequences of atheism than we find in their shallow New Atheist descendants. ☩ Edward Feser, Ph.D.

God, You’re Kidding, Right?

☩ Kendra Van Esh of Catholic Stand

9 big questions about democratic socialism

☩ Hunter Baker of Powerblog via Acton Institute

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