The Curious Case of Fr. Edwin Dwyer is a Lesson for U.S. Catholics

Catholics in the U.S. learned three important lessons recently. We learned these lessons from our bishops. . . ☩ Gene Van Son of Catholic Stand

The Decline of Objective Moral Truth

The issue that faces the Church is not a confusion in morality, but a failure to educate the faithful about the truth. ☩ Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P., of National Catholic Register

Cardinal DiNardo speaks on ‘healing breach of trust’ caused by the sex abuse crisis ☩

In reflecting on Vatican II (1962-1965), DiNardo said he believed that the Holy Spirit is using the present moment “to open the Church, sometimes with great force, to what was developing half a century ago.” ☩ Christopher White of Crux

How Long Will I Be In Purgatory?

To begin with, purgatory exists for two reasons: one, to punish sins for which reparation has not been done on earth. . .There is something called the “effects of sin” also called the “matter of sin.” The effects of sins remain in the person—weakened conscience, weakened ability to deal with the passions, & so on. . . ☩ Jay Toups of Hope in the Storm

Bishop James Conley of Lincoln: Some cardinals have ‘very disturbing’ views on morality

The bishop also said that a pope’s words are not necessarily 'authentic doctrine' ☩ Catholic Herald

The Cultural Train Wreck That Is Hollywood

Ours is a tragic age, but based on my cultural observations over the Christmas holidays hardly anyone appears to be taking it tragically. ☩ Tom Allen of Crisis Magazine

New York Ignites New Push by States to Expand Abortion

Recent legislative attempts to expand abortion up to birth in the name of health care have been denounced as ‘evil, pure & simple’ by the U.S. bishops. . . ☩ Peter Jesserer Smith of National Catholic Register

Closing the cathedral – A step closer in Utrecht

It appears that the process of secularising & selling the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Utrecht is no more option anymore, but soon to be reality. ☩ Mark de Vries of In Caelo et in Terra

How Spiritual Direction Transformed a Catholic High School

Twenty graduates from this Catholic high school in Maryland have entered seminary since spiritual direction was established there ☩ Elizabeth Anderson of National Catholic Register

President Slams Abortion, Infanticide in State of the Union: “All Children, Born & Unborn, Made in the Image of God”

The President gave a clear & forceful message on pro-life issues during the State of the Union Address. ☩ Steven Ertelt of Life News

5 Causes of Infertility that (Almost) No One Talks About

Infertility is a part of life for 1 in every 8 couples in the U.S. Most people know that risk factors like age and tobacco use can make having a baby difficult, yet, there are young, tobacco-free families who struggle to get pregnant in every community. Because knowledge is critical in safeguarding your reproductive health, here are 5 causes of infertility you may never have heard of. ☩ Margaret Brady of Natural Womanhood

Sister Wendy Criticizes Sex in Art

Sister Wendy exposes the reason why. In an interview with Bill Moyers, she criticizes the way that controversial topics are used in art. ☩ Fr. Michael Rennier of Dappled Things

Catholic Wedding

Quæritur: Catholic Marriages Without Nuptial Masses

It has been over 20 years since I’ve attended a marriage in the OF between two Catholics that has had a Nuptial Mass. Why doesn’t the Church require that if two Catholics are getting married, they must have a Nuptial Mass? ☩ Fr. Tim Ferguson of Fr. Z's Blog

The Grace of the Liturgy: The Joy of God’s Presence Among Us

Introibo ad altare Dei, ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam. “I will go in unto the Altar of God, to God, Who giveth joy to my youth.” This is how the Tridentine Rite Mass begins – with the priest saying these prayers at the foot of the altar. Going to the Lord’s House to praise, worship & adore Him should be a joyful experience. . . ☩ Edward Monti of Catholic Stand

Baroque & 19th-Century Realism Contrasted

. . .differences between 19th-century realism in art, exemplified by Adolphe-William Bouguereau, & the essential elements of the Baroque style in a simple way. ☩ David Clayton of New Liturgical Movement

Dear German Bishop: Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality Can’t Change

Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck of Essen wrote “Overcoming prejudices: The Church must change view of homosexuality”. . . ☩ Fr. Mat. P. Schneider, L.C., of Through Catholic Lenses

Re: Father Z's 'Seeking a Way to Understand' (Francis & Plurality)

While St Anselm did define theology as ‘faith seeking understanding,’ it has always been presupposed by theologians that nothing should be off table; including whether something turns out to be a heresy or not. ☩ David L. Gray of DavidLGray.INFO

Why Aquinas Didn’t Finish His Summa: The Vision of Heaven That Made Him Put Down His Pen

. . .when Thomas Aquinas was celebrating Holy Communion during the Feast of Saint Nicholas, he received a revelation that so affected him he called his principle work nothing more than “straw” & left it unfinished. ☩ Billy Ryan of uCatholic

Hilaire Belloc & the Heresy of Our Times

To defeat the Modern Heresy, we must promote truth in the face of relativism, structures of justice & mercy in the face of those of power, traditional familial love in the face of “the modern family,” & the redemption of sinful lives in the face of a tolerant culture that seeks to do away with sin altogether. ☩ Casey Chalk of Public Discourse

Prince Hall Freemasonry & Why Catholic Cannot be Freemasons

. . .we talked about Prince Hall Freemasonry, which is the predominately Black sect of Freemasonry that I once belonged to, and we also talked about why Catholics cannot be Freemasons ☩ David L. Gray of

The importance of modesty . . . for Men

☩ Andrew Swafford of Chastity Project

What’s So Beautiful About ‘Filling the Earth?’

☩ Amanda Evinger of National Catholic Register

Pope Pius X Explains How to Fundraise

☩ Brice Sokolowksi of

Patrick's Guide to Big Tent Traditionalism

☩ Patrick Archbold of Creative Minority Report

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