Pope Francis & Grand Imam Sign Historic Declaration on “Human Fraternity for World Peace”

During the historic first ever papal visit to the Arabian Peninsula, Pope Francis & Grand Imam Ahmad el-Tayeb signed together a declaration on “human fraternity for world peace and living together.” ☩ uCatholic

A Brief Primer on the Devil

Devils, as pure spirits, don’t make choices like humans. . . ☩ Howard Kainz, Ph.D., of The Catholic Thing

Awe & Apostolate: 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Readings Explained

Our Readings for this Sunday combine two major themes: awe & apostolate. Both Isaiah and Peter are awed & ashamed to find themselves in the presence of God; but both are subsequently sent out (in Greek, apostello) on mission for the Almighty. We, too, feel our unworthiness and need of mercy in God’s presence, & also our responsibility to spread the Good News of mercy to all people. ☩ John Bergsma, Ph.D., of The Sacred Page

Why Renewing Cultural Catholicism Might Be the Solution to the Declining Church in America

Fr. Matt Fish, the pastoral administrator at Holy Family Catholic Church in Hillcrest Heights, Maryland, wrote a detailed twitter thread describing reasoning for the “collapse” of the Catholic Church in America, or the West. He explained that because our culture has disposed of what is truly “cultural Catholicism,” the Church as a whole suffers from the consequences. ☩ ChurchPOP

The Pope’s Abu Dhabi trip has vindicated Benedict XVI’s Regensburg lecture

Both Pope Francis & Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb criticized faithless modernity, echoing Benedict's prophetic address ☩ Sohrab Ahmari of Catholic Herald

Church Is Striving to End Abuse of Women Religious by Clerics, Pope Says

Aboard the papal plane returning to Rome today, the Holy Father acknowledged that mistreatment & sexual abuse has occurred, & needs to be prevented. ☩ Catholic News Agency/EWTN News via National Catholic Register

The Church Needs Children

Fr Michael White has nowabout one of the recent Mass readings, has opened himself up for a fair amount of criticism in Catholic corners of social media by explaining why he does not like to have little children at Mass. . . ☩ K.E. Colombini of Crisis Magazine

Socialism: The God That Always Fails

A former Sandinista supporter, Clifton Ross, loses faith in socialism as a result of seeing close up its failure in Venezuela. . . ☩ Donald R. McClarey, J.D., of The American Catholic

Green Thomism at 40 Degrees Below

Overcoming the worst of winter means facing squarely the problem of sin. ☩ Christopher J. Thompson, Ph.D., of National Catholic Register

Pope Francis signs peace declaration on ‘Human Fraternity’ with Grand Imam, Explanation

One paragraph has caused controversy, but a theologian says it must be read in the proper context ☩ Mary Rezac of Catholic News Agency via Catholic Herald

Science Versus Scientism

Scientism is science’s own Judas. It betrays its master with a kiss.Pearce of National Catholic Register

The Mystery of Suffering: Why do innocent little children suffer?

. . .But what about the suffering of innocent children younger than the age of reason. . . ☩ Editorial by the Abbot of St. Mary Magdalene of Le Barroux via Rorate Cæli

What’s the Difference Between Abortion & Infanticide?

Is an infant, marked for abortion but delivered alive, even in tragic circumstances, a person whom the law ought to protect? ☩ Justin Dyer, Ph.D., of Public Discourse

Thees & Thous: Anglican Usage’s Familiar God

I have been blessed to attend occasional Mass & Evensong celebrations at a not-so-nearby Anglican Usage Parish, St. Thomas More (Scranton, PA). Blessed, in that the liturgy leads me closer to our Lord. It is a return to traditional liturgy, an escape from “inclusive language” & liturgical elevator music, those elements that hide the true message of the liturgy, communion with our Lord, the Body of Christ in the Eucharist. ☩ Robert Kurland, Ph.D., of Catholic Stand

The Pro-Life Witness of ‘The Man in the High Castle’

The same inherent violence is exposed in an unlikely place: The Man in the High Castle, a series produced by Amazon Prime based on the book with the same title written by Philip K. Dick. ☩ Derya Little of National Catholic Register

Witnesses tell about Christianity in North Korea

☩ Hyung-jin Kim of Associated Press via Crux

Guiding Christians Through Islam

☩ David A. Rahimi of Public Discourse

Pope Pius X Explains How to Fundraise

☩ Brice Sokolowksi of CatholicFundraiser.net


☩ Noel Ethan Tan of Ignitum Today

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