The Lebanese saint who unites Christians & Muslims

Fr. Louis Mater said the shrine, which encompasses the monastery where the Maronite Catholic priest, monk, and hermit lived for nearly 20 years, receives around 4 million visitors a year, including both Christians and Muslims. ☩ Catholic News Agency via The Catholic World Report

Image of Mary Our Queen

How the Virgin Mary Converts Sinners

. . .It was a series of apparitions in Beauraing, Belgium, received by five children from the Voisin and Degeimbre families. . . ☩  Fr. Edward Looney of Catholic Exchange

Literary Converts

I realize that the Roman Catholic Church is the only genuine form of Christianity. Also that Christianity is the essential and formative constituent of western culture… - Evelyn Waugh ☩ Joseph Pearce of Faith & Culture

8 Beautiful & historic Catholic churches in the Caribbean

The culture of the Caribbean has been heavily influenced by the introduction of Catholicism by its first European colonists. The names of the islands themselves have their origin in the Catholic saint names & names for the Blessed Virgin Mary that the Spanish & French gave. ☩ Zelda Caldwell of Aleteia

Why Catholic Millennials Need These Four Urgent Life Skills

Are Adulting Classes the Solution? Adulting classes claim to help millennials develop those skills left behind, and ease them into full adulthood. The ☩ John Horvat II of Crisis Magazine

Introduction to the Theology of the Catholic Mass

. . .In this clip . . . I talk about the theology, meaning, and mystery of The Sign of Peace, which is one of the most abused rituals during the liturgy. ☩ David L. Gray of

Pope advances sainthood causes of 17 women

☩ Catholic News Agency via The Catholic World Report

Giving Children Back to Christ Through Mary

☩ Stacy A. Trasancos, Ph.D., of Catholic East Texas

Are Catholic Statues Graven Images?

☩ Dan Byron of Catholic Stand

A Short Catechesis Course for Overcoming Anxiety in 2019

. . .while it is okay to feel stressed, apparently it’s no longer okay to say ‘I’m feeling anxious.’ And it’s really not okay to say ‘I’m experiencing some anxiety.’ This is because stress is considered a short-term reaction to something, whereas anxiety is now considered a sustained mental health disorder. ☩ Gene Van Son of Catholic Stand

Shew Thyself a Man: Inheritance & Manliness in the Bible

It is difficult, even with the Bible in hand, to sketch an image of that special excellence we call manliness. . . ☩ Brother Isaiah Beiter, O.P., of Dominicana

New technology suggests women were involved in medieval manuscript making

The discovery challenges previous assumptions that medieval bookmaking was the work of monks alone. ☩ J.P. Mauro of Aleteia

The Riches of the Pontifical Mass of the Rite of Lyon

Over the years I have shared various writings and bits of information on the pontifical form of the rite of Lyon -- the Missale Romano-Lugdunense.  ☩ Shawn R. Tribe of Liturgical Arts Journal

A new interactive illustrated digital companion to Dante’s Inferno is now available online

And it’s the stuff nerds’ dreams (and maybe sinners' nightmares) are made of. ☩ Daniel Esparza of Aleteia

Youngest Black Legislator in America is 19 & Pro-Life

The West Virginia House of Delegates convened Wednesday with a record-setter in its midst — freshman Del. Caleb L. Hanna. . . ☩ Evie Fordham of Life News

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