How To Achieve Constant Prayer

Did you know that every part of our life is meant to be powered by prayer…everything! Is that even possible? ☩ Matthew Leonard of Catholic Exchange

4 Remarkable miracles of St. Mungo, founder of Glasgow

The legacy of this Scottish saint endures to this day. ☩ Philip Kosloski of Aleteia

Historic Organ Restorations in Cortona, Tuscany

Gian Carlo Ristori, Chairman of Organi Storici Cortona, discusses cataloguing, preserving, and organizing restorations of historic organs in Tuscany, Italy with Vox Humana Editor Christopher Holman. ☩ Gian Carlo Ristori of Vox Humana

Basics of Christian Anthropology

Anthropology is, most simply, the science or study of human beings through time and space. . . ☩ Msgr. Charles Pope of Community in Mission

How & Why to Listen to the Liturgical Sense of Scripture

Yet, for many Catholics, the ‘Liturgy of the Word’ where the Biblical readings are read and heard oftentimes seems very disjointed from the rhythm of the rest of the Mass. ☩ David L. Gray of

Separated at birth, twin sisters end up in the same convent!

Elizabeth and Gabriela both found themselves in the convent of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth: "We think that our mother worked from heaven for our vocation." ☩ Dominika Cicha & Marzena Devoud of Aleteia

St. André Bessette cured over 10,000 people in his lifetime, according to estimates

The Canadian saint may be one of the greatest healers the Church has ever seen. ☩ Philip Kosloski of Aleteia

The Only Doge Who Became a Saint

St. Peter Orseolo, pray for us!. . .Peter was born of distinguished Venetian parents around 928. While the history is hazy on this point, he seems to have been appointed the master and commander of the navy of Venice when he was only 20 to repel the onslaught of pirates of Dalmatia. In this regard he seems to have been wildly successful. . . ☩ Kevin DiCamillo of National Catholic Register

Continuity in Purpose: Warsaw after World War II

Most of Warsaw’s historic places of worship are post-war renovations & reconstructions. The reconstruction of Warsaw, once described by the historian Robert Harbison as the “largest war memorial,” is the most comprehensive attempt to rebuild a past reality. ☩ Marcus van der Meulen of The Institute of Sacred Architecture

A Counted People

Times of Israel reported that archaeologists had uncovered a “miniscule biblical stone weight” from excavations of the foundations of the Western Wall of the Second Jewish Temple.☩ Marc Barnes of First Things

Natural Beauty

Very often, we marvel at mother earth’s natural beauty, whether it be her spectacular waterfalls or astounding landscapes. . . ☩ Nicholas Lye of Ignitum Today

Discovering New Theologians: Jacques Maritain

Jacques Maritain’s thought, based on the perennial wisdom on Saint Thomas Aquinas, can be a guide in helping the Church to instruct the world in the way of truth.  ☩ Father John P. Cush, S.T.D., of National Catholic Register

1980 Approved Marian Apparition Echoes Fatima

☩ Joseph Pronechen of National Catholic Register

Follow-Up on a Recent Restoration in Chattanooga, Tennessee

☩ Gregory DiPippo of New Liturgical Movement

Making a Case for Humanae Vitae

☩ William R. Hamant, Ph.D., of Humanum

God, Evil, & the Book of Job

☩ J.P. Nunez of Catholic Stand

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