The Virtues of Life: Cardinal, Theological, Capital

What exactly are some of the virtues which we should be trying to attain? Let’s examine some specific ones, namely, the cardinal virtues, the theological virtues, and the capital virtues. ☩ Ray Sullivan of Catholic Stand

Seminarian: Why I Want to Be a Priest Despite the Crisis

As the clerical sex abuse crisis continues to unfold. Each of us in ordained ministry needs to confront it. Our answers might be slightly different but they all need to return to what really matters. ☩ Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, L.C., of Through Catholic Lenses

Know Thyself Part V: The Discipline of Love

What types of desires do we have as human beings and why? To who or what do these desires order us? Of what types of relationships are humans capable? The answer is at once simple & obvious yet demanding & easily forgotten. The proper ordering of life puts God first & takes time & discipline. ☩ Christian Daru of Catholic Stand

Fr. Matthias Scheeben & the Harmony of Truth

Fr. Scheeben was a great theologian who sought “to make the Christian feel happy about his faith.” ☩ Fr. John P. Cush, S.T.D., of National Catholic Register

Debunking 4 Biblical Myths Accepted by Many as True

There are three “truths” I have been asked about many times. Often people tell me these as though they’re explaining to me something I’ve never heard before. However, in each case, there is no historical, biblical or actual basis to any three of them. In each case they started being taught in recent times and because their side so often they “become true.” ☩ Steve Ray of Defenders of the Catholic Faith

You Will Watch This Little Drummer Boy Video Until You Can’t

Need something to keep the Christmas spirit alive? Nothing like the classics, but every now and then you find a new rendition that puts a new taste of excitement back into a story! ☩ Jessica McAfee of epicPew

St. Joseph & Sacrificial Love

A friend who married in the 1950s told me that she was advised in marriage preparation never to refuse her husband conjugal intercourse. This pastoral policy was often understood. . . ☩ Mary Shivanandan of National Catholic Register

Yep, You Have a Child

All over the world nativity scenes are glowing with light. Millions of Christmas cards impressed with the visage of the infant Jesus. There is something about Christmas that touches the hardest of hearts. ☩ Brother John Joseph of Ignitum Today

Addiction: Empowerment, Connection, & the Recovery Journey

☩ Dan L. Edmunds, D.Ed., of Catholic Stand

The Year in Books: 2018 Edition

☩ Pete Socks of Catholic Stand

New Year With the Saints: In Praise of Holy Help

☩ Amy Smith of National Catholic Register

Sibling survivors of India’s anti-Christian violence opt for consecrated life

On December 27, Fr. Anand was ordained a priest of the Order of Friars Minor and his sister, Anjali, pronounced her final vows as a member of the Society of Saint Anne of Luzern. ☩ Vatican News

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