Why the Soviet Union failed to eradicate religion

Communist atheism failed to address the search for personal meaning in life ☩ Francis Phillips of Catholic Herald

Churches, Piazzas, & European Spaces

When you go to a great European city, you find beautiful spacious piazze, outdoor cafes, charming shops, fountains to sit near, and people to watch. For many today, that symbolizes the good city. ☩ Duncan Stroik at The Institute for Sacred Architecture

Special Chants for Epiphany 2019

As they do every year, our friends of the Schola Sainte Cécile have posted on their website the current year’s Proclamation of the Movable Feasts, which is traditionally sung after the Gospel on the feast of the Epiphany. Also known from its first word as the Noveritis, its tone is basically the same as that of the Exsultet. Here it is in a jpg, which you can click to enlarge; click here to see a pdf version with some nice decorations. ☩ Gregory DiPippo of New Liturgical Movement

Christianity’s Neglected Cultural Weapons - Signs & Symbols

recently interviewed the accomplished artist and teacher of icon carving, Jonathan Pageau. Some will be aware that he has been gaining an increasingly high profile in social media. . . ☩ David Clayton of New Liturgical Movement

Greatly Troubled but Walking Towards an Epiphany

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word ‘troubled’ as concerned or worried feelings about a decision. ☩ Betty Parquette of Catholic Stand

Uncanny Bible Coincidences

☩ Karlo Broussard of Catholic Answers Magazine

Finnish bishop remains hospitalized with a serious head injury after fall

☩ Zita Ballinger Fletcher of Catholic News Service via Crux

With Thanks to Sister Wendy Beckett

☩ David Torkington of Catholic Stand

Your 2019 Fashion Roadmap

☩ Meghan Ashley Styling (Catholic)

Five Resolutions for the New Year from Cardinal Sarah

To help give us some suggestions for improving our spiritual lives this year, we look to Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect for the Congregation for Divine Liturgy. ☩ Laura Ricketts of epicPew

Sex Scandal & Cover-Up

Argentine bishop at Holy See financial office investigated for sex abuse

Bishop Gustavo Oscar Zanchetta, an Argentine native appointed to the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See in 2017, was accused last autumn of sexual abuse, the Holy See announced Friday. . . ☩ CNA/EWTN News via The Catholic World Report

Conversion or reform: What will the bishops choose in 2019?

This week the U.S. bishops gathered at Mundelein Seminary in the Archdiocese of Chicago for a weeklong retreat, held at the urging of Pope Francis. ☩ CNA via The Catholic World Report

Spinoza, secularism, & the challenge of evangelization

In The Dream of Enlightenment, Anthony Gottlieb avers that what he calls “the religion of Spinozism” is more or less identical to the secularist worldview espoused by so many in the West today, including himself. ☩ Bishop Robert R. Barron, S.T.D., of The Catholic World Report

God & Caesar

Democrats Crusade Against Knights Of Columbus For ‘Extreme’ Works Of Christian Charity

I was concerned that such an extremist organization could exist right under my nose. I decided to do an investigation into this mysterious, problematic group. ☩ Helen Raleigh of the Federalist

Nancy Pelosi Prays “Lord Make Me a Channel for Thy Peace,” Then Votes to Fund Abortions

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) slammed Democrats late Thursday evening for including provisions to expand taxpayer-funded abortion. . . ☩ Lauretta Brown of Life News

Irish Pro-Lifers Protest at Abortion Clinics as First Babies Die in Abortions

Irish abortion activists are demanding that the government censor pro-life speech after pro-life protesters peacefully stood outside one of the country’s new abortion facilities Thursday. ☩ Micaiah Bilger of Life News

Recently Retired QB Assesses NFL Playoffs & His Own Future

☩ Trent Beattie of National Catholic Register

Communications Centralization & Leaks at the Vatican

☩ Fr. Raymond J. de Souza of National Catholic Register

Pope’s message to U.S. bishops: what Not to do

☩ Philip Lawler of Catholic Culture

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