How to Start Growing in Prayer in the New Year

Each new calendar year, I’m amazed at all the resolutions I see in newspaper ads, on social media, and in conversations among friends. Most involve health and fitness, of course. I admit this is likely the one area of my life that is lacking the most. What has always mattered to me, though, is prayer. ☩ Jeannie Ewing of Catholic Exchange

Anglican Bishops Approve Transgender “Baptism”

Last spring, I wrote about a new book, put out by British publisher Darton, Longman, & Todd: Transfaith. The book is a collection of 7 experimental liturgies for “transgender” use composed by a Church of England priestess & a former Metropolitan Community Church minister who “retrained” for ministry in the United Reformed Church. ☩ John M. Grondelski, Ph.D., of Crisis Magazine

The Hidden Meaning of the Gifts in “12 Days of Christmas”

This interpretation gives the song significantly more meaning that does its shell of secular gift-giving. ☩ Shaun McAfee, O.P., of National Catholic Register

How Can We Guard the Purity of Our Children?

“More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason.” ☩ Amanda Evinger of National Catholic Register

O Come Let Us Adore Him—in the Eucharist

Knowing his divine Son is “the living bread which came down from heaven” . . . -- John 6:51 ☩ Tom Nash of Catholic Answers Magazine

The Enriching Complementarity of Faith & Science

Aquinas makes a claim about the proper relationship between faith & science. ☩ Fr. Raphael Christianson, O.P. of Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Deaf Sign for Abortion

☩ Donald R. McClarey, J.D., of The American Catholic

Why Taki’s views disgust me

☩ Sohrab Ahmari of Catholic Herald

What to Think About Bad Popes

☩ Steve Ray of Defenders of the Catholic Faith

Book Review

“Mountains & a Mustard Seed: A Family’s Journey of Hope”

Mountains and a Mustard Seed is what I would call a “legacy book,” a kind of capstone on an amazing family journey guided by the hand of Providence. The theme that weaves its way through the story like a thread, however, is not the recounting of events and memories for their own sake, but a pouring out of love, generosity, faith, and hope for others as a gift. ☩ Rob Marco of Catholic Stand

Sex Scandal & Cover-Up

Vatican Knew About Legionary Founder Maciel’s Abuse From 1943

The head of the Vatican’s dicastery for religious life blames ‘a mafia’ for the cover-up, adding those responsible ‘were not the Church.’ ☩ Edward Pentin of National Catholic Register

Cardinal Ouellet: US Bishops’ Vote on Abuse Reform Measures Was Blocked to Allow More Discussion

A Nov. 11 letter from Cardinal Marc Ouellet says that proposals that had been scheduled for a vote by the bishops’ conference needed more time and discussion to “properly mature.” ☩ CNA/EWTN News via National Catholic Register

Does Your Family Need Healing? Try These Powerful Prayers for Peace, Healing & Harmony

The holiday season is a great reminder for many of us that the promise of peace from the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, has yet to be fulfilled in many of our families. ☩ Simone Rizkallah of ChurchPOP

God & Caesar

Dozens of Bitter Winter Reporters Arrested

Accused of espionage and subversion, at least 45 contributors were arrested and interrogated; the reporter who filmed a secret camp in Xinjiang “disappeared” after the arrest. ☩ Lin Yijiang of Bitter Winter

2019: The Beginning of the End for the Transgender Movement

The ground is shaky under the feet of the current homosexual insurgency. . . ☩ Tom Gilson of The Stream

After One More Patreon Ban, Jordan Peterson & Dave Rubin Are Starting Their Own

The atheist intellectual Sam Harris is one of Patreon's top-earning users. He, Dave Rubin, and Jordan Peterson have abandoned the platform over its capricious ban on another user. ☩ Nicole Russell of The Federalist

The Coming Decline of Fox News

But Rupert Murdoch is 87 years of age, and his sons are poised to take command. When they do, Fox News will aspire to become a general-interest news service and no longer an advocate of Rightist advocacy journalism. ☩ Richard J. Bishirjian, Ph.D., of The Imaginative Conservative

Sister Wendy Beckett, BBC Art Historian, Dies at 88

☩ Donald R. McClarey, J.D., The American Catholic

Pope Francis, what if he shuts down Ecclesia Dei?

☩ Andrea Gagliarducci of Monday Vatican

Sex Scandal & Cover-Up

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