Orthodox Prelates (Credit: Open Democracy)

The Ukrainian Church: A Multigenerational Divorce

. . .observers strain Google’s capacity to lead us to the truth by searching for quick, neat profiles on all of the leaders & land on any number of websites claiming to possess the absolute truth.  We might find what we want to find: another layer of incriminating evidence exposing the faults of Metropolitan Filaret, a photo of a grotesque icon demeaning Russia (or Ukraine), a headline announcing the seizure of a church, & through it all, we select the sources that support a viewpoint we have chosen to adopt. . .

by Rever. Dr. Nicholas Denysenko,

of Public Orthodoxy

LGBT Fight Comes To Orthodoxy – Rod Dreher, The American Conservative
Russian Orthodox Leaders Terrified They Will Go Same Way as Constantinople – Cthlc Herald
The Russian Orthodox Church Say President Petro Poroshenko May Be a Catholic – Tass
The Split between Kirill & Bartholomew & the Pope Sides More with the Former – S. Magister
Ukraine, the Ecumenical Patriarchate, & Post-Truth: An Orthodox Perspective – Fr. C. Hovorun
What is the Constantinople-Moscow Break All About – Meduza
39-Year Old Metropolitan Epiphanius Elected Head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Vat. News
Russian Catholics Hope Ties Won’t Be Affected by Inter-Orthodox tensions – CNS via Crux
New Ukrainian Orthodox Leader Gives First Liturgy, Urges Unity – A.P. via Crux
Russian Orthodox Church Satisfied with Pope’s Attitude to Events in Ukraine – InterFax
Christian Geopolitics & the Ukrainian Ecclesiastical Crisis – Irina du Quenoy Ph.D., War on. . .
The Problem with the Kosovo “Solution” – Fr. Sava Janjic, Public Orthodoxy
Reconceiving Healthcare: Philanthropia & the Vocations of Healing – Public Orthodoxy

Russian Orthodox Church Calls on Pope Francis, U.N. for Help in Ukraine – A.P. via Crux
Ukraine Orthodox Leaders to Approve Break with Russia Church – Associated Press via Crux
New Cold War by Proxy? Religious Conflict on Ukrainian Territory – Victor Gaetan, NC Register
Georgian Patriarch Ilia II: Constantinople/Moscow Clash Source of “Pain” – Tass
Ukraine Prelate says Orthodox Independence is Affirmation of Rights – Allen/San Martín, Crux
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