Secular Apocalypto (Credit: Evgeniiy Voytik of Shutterstock via The American Conservative)

The Culture War Neutron Bomb

. . .Ross Douthat recently wrote that Aldous Huxley was the real prophet who foresaw what we’ve become: a society of tech-addled wankers. . .

by Rod Dreher,

Aztecs, Human Sacrifice & the Catholic Faith – Steve Ray, Defenders of the Catholic Faith
A Stunning New Exhibit about Armenia Illuminates the World’s First Christian Nation – CJ
Rome’s Catacombs Witness to the Catholic Faith of the Early Church – Stephen Beale, Aleteia
Helping the Poles Throw Off Moscow’s Yoke – Seth G. Jones, Law and Liberty
Can America Become a Christian Society Again? – Thomas Ascik, The Imaginative. . .
Religion Declining in Importance for Many Americans, Especially for Millennials – Jana Riess
Why Catholics Should Sympathize with Nationalism – James Kalb, Crisis Magazine
U.K.’s Aging Issues – Marcus Roberts, Mercatornet
Will White House Sacrifice Thousands of Christians in Syria, To Appease Turks? – The Stream
China’s Regional Demographics – Marcus Roberts, Mercatornet
Syria & the Unintended Effects of Toppling Evil Tyrants in the Middle East – Mercatornet
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