Gardner’s Book of Shadows (Credit: Wikipedia)

The Return of Paganism

. . .maybe there actually is a genuinely post-Christian future for America. . .

by Ross Douthat,

of The New York Times

Refuting a Pastor’s ‘Dark Ages’ Myths – Trent Horn, Catholic Answers Magazine
Riots In France Not Just About Gas Taxes, But About The West’s Decline – Auguste Meyrat
Orban vs. Soros University – Rod Dreher, The American Conservative
France: A Tale of Two Faiths – William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine
New Study Records Islamization Process in Ancient Christian Lands – Casey Chalk, Crisis
‘The Great Awokening’: The Threat of America’s New Political Religions – J. Sunde, Powerblog
Egypt Proposes Scary New Population Control Measures – Shannon Roberts, Mercatornet
Who Needs The Temple Mount? — Ianto Watt, Statistician to the Stars!
Why Putin’s Game of Russian Roulette With Ukraine is a Big Deal – Douglas V. Mastriano
A Gunman Who Attacked Christmas Market in France Yelled “Allahu Akbar” – Aleteia
The Winter of Love – Matthew Schmitz, First Things
Enforceable Subjectivity – Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal
Protest of the French Provinces – Nathan Pinksoski, First Things
Macron’s Failures – Michael Brendan Dougherty, National Review
Remembering – & Still Learning from – Solzhenitsyn – Douglas Kries, The Catholic Thing
In Europe, Faith’s Stronger in Post-Soviet East Than Secular West – Claire Giangravè, Crux
Euthanasia Deaths in Quebec Rising Rapidly – Michael Cook, Mercatornet
Shooting Near Christmas Market in France – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
Christmas Market Shooting Suspect Fits the Familiar Criminal-Jihadist Profile – France24
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