‘The Kiss of Judas’ by James Tissot, circa A.D. 1890 (Credit: Brooklyn Museum via The Catholic Thing)

“Gay” Priests & Indulgence of Homosexuality

. . .I’m thinking of the fairly widespread tendency found among Church leaders to speak as though our problem is sexual “abuse,” not homosexuality. . .

by David Carlin,

of The Catholic Thing

Sex Abuse Scandals: Catholic, Protestant, & Secular; You May Be Surprised – Steve Ray
Should Cardinal Vigano Not Have Written His Open Letter? – Fr. Regis Scanlon O.F.M. Cap.
Media Turns Blind Eye to Rampant Sex Abuse In Chicago Schools –
In H-Town, A Hard Day’s Night – Rocco Palmo, Whispers in the Loggia
Cupich & Scicluna Hit Their Talking Points but are Silent on Key Problems – C. World Report
Confronting Troubling Questions Ahead of Feb. Bishops’ Meeting – The Editors, NC Register
Priest-Sociologist Examines Data on Clergy Sex Abuse – De Omnibus Dubitandum Est.
Bankruptcy Filing Provides Rare Window into Church Finances – Susan M. Bryan, A.P. via Crux
Pa. Court Orders 11 Names Permanently Redacted From Grand Jury Report – NC Register
Should Priests Accused of Abuse be Denied Public Funerals? – California Catholic Daily
Archdiocese of Santa Fe to File for Bankruptcy – CNA via The Catholic World Report
Praying for Healing, Syracuse Bishop Releases Names of Accused Priests – CNA via The CWR
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