Facebook Cruelty (Credit: The Stream)

Man Martyred; Facebook Erupts in Anti-Christian Hatred

. . .a sad picture of the world we live in, especially online. . .

by Tom Gilson,

of The Stream

New Population Research Shows Half the World’s Countries are Disappearing – Tom Hoopes
The Death of Europe: Two Classic Films & the Great War – Mark Malvasi Ph.D., The Imagina. . .
Why America Desperately Needs Another Baby Boom – Steven W. Mosher, The New York Post
Classical Education & the Future of Civilization – Joseph Pearce, The Imaginative. . .
To Sustain the Anglo-American Tradition, Conversation Is Not Enough – Brian A. Smith, LaL
Mythology As History – Daniel J. Flynn, City Journal
The Last Brazilian Emperor – Daryl Worthington, New Historian
The Debate Over Nationalism Is A Debate Over The West’s Future – Sumantra Maitra, The F. . .
Cut Federal Funding from Colleges That Don’t Require Western Civ Courses – Cole Levin, TCF
Trade, Nations, & War in an Enlightened Age – Samuel Gregg D.Phil., Law and Liberty
Conflict & Resolution: Charles de Gaulle’s Understanding of ‘Nation’ – A. Wierenga, Acton Inst
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