Jim Martin (Credit: Joseph Sciambra)

Jim Martin’s Favorite Catholic LGBT Ministry Reading Book about Two Abused Boys Who Begin a Homosexual Relationship

. . .the book tells the story of two very different 16-year old boys, Jim & Doyler.  With the backdrop of political & social upheaval in early 20th century Ireland, these two wayward & abused young men begin a friendship that eventually results in intimate relations.  While Jim is naive & shy, Doyler is more outgoing.  Jim attends a Catholic school where one of his teachers is a religious named “Brother Polycarp.” According to one reviewer, “Jim is too innocent to realise how he is being groomed by Brother Polycarp.”  In the meantime, the more streetwise Doyler meets an older gay man who pays the teenage boy for. . .

by Joseph Sciambra

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