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What If The Catholic Crisis Is Unsolvable?

. . .well, there you go.  Their failure to police each other, to insist on collegiality & bella figura when some of their colleagues were groping, buggering, setting diocesan lawyers on victims & their families, & lying to everyone about it — well, that falls on all of them.  Who can possibly pity them?  Remember that back in 1985, every single bishop received a copy of the confidential Doyle-Mouton Report, warning them that child sexual abuse was a huge problem within the Church, & that they had better act to stop it or it would be a catastrophe. . .

by Rod Dreher

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Missouri Bishops Release Letter Urging USCCB Action on Sex Abuse Crisis – CNA via The CWR
Protesters Gather Outside Bishops’ Meeting in Baltimore, Call for Change – Emily Rosenthal, CNS
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Journeying from Grief to Grace: How a Retreat Program Helps Sex-Abuse Victims Heal – NCRgstr
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