Screen Shot of Fr. Augustine Puchner O. Praem. (Credit: Vimeo via Catholic Link)

This Rapidly Growing Order Of Priests Just Launched An Incredible Digital Library

. . .Fr. Ambrose, Director of the Norbertine Father’s Novices, has witnessed several young men hear & answer the call to a priestly vocation with the Norbertines.  Currently, there are thirty-eight seminarians living at St. Michael’s Abbey with two more on the waiting list. . .

from Catholic Link

To the Bishops, Before Their General Assembly – Jayd Henricks, First Things

A Review of A Transnational Feminist View of Surrogacy Biomarkets in India – K. Blaine
The Paradox of Holiness: Hidden Yet Radiant – Stephen Beale, Catholic Exchange
South Korea Grants Refugee Status to Iranian Student Who Became Catholic – CNS via Crux
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