The Great Adventur Bible

Could This be The Bible You’ve Been Waiting For?

. . .quite simply the backbone of this bible is what makes it a winner.  There are plenty of other features we will get to in this review but are icing on the cake.  What makes this Bible special is the complete integration of the Bible Timeline developed by Jeff Cavins. . .

by Pete Socks,

of Catholic Stand

Live Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – Adorecast

The Troops of St. George: A Superior Option to the Boy Scouts of America – Cream City Catholic

Kissing Purity Culture Goodbye – Abigail Rine Favale, First Things
Papal Humiliations III: The Cock of the Lateran – 
We Are Not Prepared For Spiritual Attack – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand
February’s Meeting of Bishops Won’t Succeed Without a Radical Change of Culture – Cthlc Herald
The Divinity of Christ Or Helping Unlettered Jehovah’s Witnesses – The American Catholic
The Father of the Big Bang Theory Given Credit With Official Name Change – Billy Ryan, uCatholic
Clashing Victimocracies – Peter J. Leithart, First Things
How One Diocese is Carrying the Gospel to the Streets – Kathy Schiffer, National Catholic Register
Civil & Sacramental Marriage Ceremonies – Patrick Malone, Catholic Stand

We Need Dads Who Are Present; Powerful Spoken Word Must-See Video – B. Cordeiro, Cthlc Link
Pakistan Government Reportedly Adding Asia Bibi to ‘No Exit’ List – CNA via Catholic Herald
St. John Paul II & Science: A Quest for Common Understanding – Rob. Kurland Ph.D., TACatholic
Philadelphia Foster Families Continue the Fight for Catholic Social Services – CNA via The CWR
Death & Taxes Are Still the Only Two Certainties in Life – Gene M. Van Son, Catholic Stand
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