The Stare of Medusa by Caravaggio (Credit: Church Life Journal)

The Stare of Medusa & the Return Gaze of Christ

. . .it is just one of Nietzsche’s many bon mots that if one stares at evil long enough it looks back.  As is usual with Nietzsche there is an implied boast.  We divide into the strong & the weak depending on whether we can or are willing to endure this look or looking back.  Nietzsche leaves us in no doubt as to which camp he belongs in, even if with all the bravado about amor fati we sometimes get the impression in reading him that he is expecting as much our pity as our admiration.  Still, the aphorism is powerful, & it is powerful not only because it is scintillating in its expression, but because it is experientially apt. . .

by Cyril O’Regan, Ph.D.,

of Church Life Journal

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