A Repentant St. Peter by Rembrandt (Credit: Crisis Magazine)

The Diabolical Tweets of Father Martin on Penance

. . .no, I assume, despite some language to the contrary in a follow-up tweet, that Fr. Martin does not mean to impugn penance by an innocent person on behalf of another in general.  Rather, since he is careful to limit his opinion to “this case,” he seems to hold that, given the widespread & grave nature of these particular sins of the clergy (& he seems to be thinking of more than the sexual sins that I chiefly have in mind here), penance by the innocent laity is, based on these facts, “simply wrong” because it would “victimize people all over again,” as he added in the follow-up to the tweet already quoted.  It is this opinion with which I take issue. . .

by Justin Bradford Smith,

of Crisis Magazine

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