The Battle of Lepanto by an unknown artist, circa late 16th century (Credit: Crisis Magazine)

Last Crusade Calling Lost Christendom to War! “Lepanto” by G.K. Chesterton

. . .on Sunday, October 7th, in the year of Our Lord 1571, an outnumbered, fragile coalition of small Christian states & one small part of a big Christian state defeated an empire at sea just off the coast of Greece.  All of Europe rejoiced at the time, even the Christian states that refused help.  Now, among the shards & remnants of that civilization which is called the West & extends far beyond Europe, the doubtful heirs reflect upon this event in more diverse & more ambiguous ways.  The predominant mode is to ignore it, in the modern sense of acknowledging it on Wikipedia & then rejecting its importance, hand-waving away its unexpectedness, & belittling the idea that Our Lady of the Rosary had anything to do with it.  Another approach takes the event seriously as a landmark in the history of warfare, of economics, & of the West, but still leaves Our Lady out in their attempts at explanation. . .

by Paul Joseph Prezzia,

of The Civilized Reader

via Crisis Magazine

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