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Canon 212: Some People’s Worst Nightmare

. . .the U.S. bishops have Zero authority over the Cardinals.  The guy who did have authority turned down the request to investigate them, so what is the laity left to do?  They have to take matters in their own hands, as is their right & Duty.  See Canon 212. . .

by One Mad Mom

Videos Allegedly Show Illinois Priests Engaged in Sodomy – J.M. Hanneman, The CWR
Choose Sides! Abp. Vigano Puts Two Cardinals on the Spot – Phil Lawler, Cthlc Culture
Viganò, Act Two: While Pope Stays Silent, or Speaks in Code – S. Magister, Settimo Cielo
“Accusers”, Viganò, & the inspiration of the Holy Spirit – J. Mirus Ph.D., Cthlc Culture
Public Penance for Wayward Clerics? – Claudia Sommers Brown, Crisis Magazine
Argentinian Prelate Allegedly Acknowledged McCarrick’s Misconduct – Elise Harris, Crux
Church is Facing Its Biggest Crisis Since the Reformation – Bp. V. Long, Cth. Outlook
Card. Nichols to Face Questions about British Abuse Case – E. Condon JCL, Cthlc Herald
Viganò’s Second Letter Offers Clear Path for Investigation – Fr. R. de Souza, NC Rgstr
Priest in South Dakota Charged with Child Sex Abuse – The Catholic World Report
Florida Investigating Allegations of Sexual Abuse by Priests – Associated Press via Crux
What to Do About Corruption in the Church? – Fr. Rog. Landry, National Cthlc Register
Clergy Abuse Lawsuit Targets All California Catholic Bishops – Christopher Weber, Crux
Bishop James V. Johnston: “We Have to Address Failure” – Rus. E. Saltzman, The CWR
Bishop McElroy of San Diego Holds ‘Listening Sessions’ on Abuse Crisis – NC Register
Survivors Group Charges Milan Archbishop with Cover-up – J. Allen & I. San Martin, Crux
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