Flag of Hate on a Pole (Credit: NC Register)

Beware These Three (3) Lavender Mafias Outside the Church

. . .we need to reveal & remove the Lavender Mafias wherever they exist — at Harvard, in Hollywood, & especially in the Church. . .

by Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D.,

of the National Catholic Register

Live Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – Adorecast
Jesus’ Blood Type & What It May Possibly Signify – Mystics of the Church
Popes’ Synod to Pretend Church is Doing Something About the Scandal (satire) – EOTT
The Vatican to Allow Beijing to Name Bishops – Steven W. Mosher, One Peter 5
A Crucifix is One of the Signs of Orthodoxy – Fr. Dw. Longenecker, National Cthlc Register
Why the Centering Prayer Movement is So Off-Center – Steve Ray, Defenders of the. . .
Do This Survivor a Favor Don’t Go Komen Pink for Me – Birgit Jones, Catholic Stand
Marriage: Helping Each Other Get to Heaven – Paul Oakes, Catholic Stand
Francis’s Popularity Plummets Among Americans, According to a Poll – Catholic Herald
Should Fashion be Important for Catholics? (w/Jen. Fulwiler) – Meghan Ashley Styling
Church That Focuses on Power but Lacking Mercy Creates Bitter Fruit – T. O’Malley, OSV
Meet a Vatican Tailor, Hand-Crafter of Ecclesiastical Garments – Rac. Lanz, NC Register
There is Always Something More to Give Up – Susanna Spencer, National Catholic Register
Monks of Tibhirine to be Beatified in Algeria in December – Catholic Herald
Don’t Settle for Roe – Richard Samuelson Ph.D., Law and Liberty
‘Holy Foods Market’ Brings Customer Service to the Local Pantry – CNA via The CWR
Why the Church Needs Philosophy: 20th Anniv. of Fides et ratio – J. Trabbic, The CWR
Family-Friendly Tech for the Digital Age – Rachel Lanz, National Catholic Register
The Tragic Link Between Transgender Teens & Suicide – Kelsey Harkness, The Stream
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