Sex Scandal & Cover-up: Thvrsday Second Edition

Pope Francis & Archbishop Carlo Vigeno (Pic Credit: Catholic Herald)

Archbishop Viganò has Sparked a Revolution No One Can Control

. . .a man who rose quietly through the Curia has become the most incendiary figure in the Church. . .

by Father Mark Drew, Th.D.,

of Catholic Herald

No Mention of Apostolic Visitation after U.S. Bishops’ Meeting with Pope – Cthlc Herald
Why Did Card. O’Malley Cover-Up a Previous Gay Abuse Scandal? – Boston Cthlc Insider
Flouting the Canon Law, Once More – Ed Condon J.C.L., Law and Liberty
The Catholic Crisis as It Stands Now – Michael Brendan Dougherty
The Archbishop & the Pope – P. Paul Seaton Ph.L. Ph.D., Law and Liberty
What a ’14 Resignation of UK Bishop Reveals About the Current Crisis – C. Farrow, Crisis
Irony! Francis Calls 2019 Meeting of Bishops on Feast of St. Peter Damian – Fr. Z’s Blog
Pope Accepts Resignation of WV Bishop, Inquiry Into Abuse Claims Launched – NC Rgstr
A Synod on Abuse of Minors is Not Enough – D. Gyapong, The Anglicanorum Coetibus Scty
The Catholic Church’s Accountability & Autonomy – Rick Garnett J.D., Law and Liberty
Abuse Survivor Has a Message for Other Victims: You are Not Alone – K.J. Lopez, Aleteia
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