Sex Scandal & Cover-up: Thvrsday First Edition

Pope Francis Waving (Pic Credit: Paul Haring of CNS via The CWR)

Is Pope Francis Serious about Addressing the Abuse Crisis & Its Causes?

. . .anyone who is praising the announcement on Wednesday of Pope Francis’ convocation of the presidents of the world’s bishops’ conferences for a meeting in February on clerical sex abuse has not been paying attention. . .

by Christopher R. Altieri,

of The Catholic World Report

On the Ground In Rome, What Italians are Theorizing – Rod Dreher
Does the Pope want the Truth? Thursday’s Meeting Will Tell – Phil Lawler, Cthlc Culture
Multiple Bishops Request Recitation of St. Michael Prayer After Mass – ChurchPOP
3 Questions About Vatican’s McCarrick Investigation – Fr. Ray. J. de Souza, NC Register
More Abuse-Related Developments Ahead of Pope’s Meeting w/DiNardo – Edward Pentin
Texas Priest Arrested for Alleged Child Sex Abuse – CNA/EWTN News via The C. Wrld Rep
Mind Your Own Business First – Carlos Caso-Rosendi
Wuerl to Ask the Pope to Accept His Resignation – Ed Condon J.C.L., CNA via The CWR
What Do Church Abuse Policies Mean by Vulnerable Adult? – CNA via The C. World Rprt
Pennsylvania Speaker Calls Window for Sex Abuse Lawsuits a Compromise – Crux
German Bishops Call Press Irresponsible for Publicizing Sex Abuse Report – C. Conclave
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