Viganò Watch: Friday Edition

The Exterior of the Copula of Saint Peter’s Basilica (Pic Credit: Trip Advisor)

Archbishop Viganò’s Claims Urgently Demand a Full Investigation

. . .Editorial: If access to key McCarrick-related documents & witnesses is restricted, the faithful have the capacity to draw their own conclusions. . .

by The Editors,

of the National Catholic Register

Jesuit Fordham Univ. Priests Dispute Narrative that Sodomites are the Issue – Sciambra
Silence = Stonewall, Wherein Fr. Z Rants – Fr. Z’s Blog
Will Francis Punish Archbishop Viganò for His Testimony? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Bishops, Cardinals Favoring Investigation of Vigano’s Claims – R. Kurland Ph.D., TACthlc
4 Battle Ready Books to Defend Our Catholic Faith During Papal Scandal – Ma. Olohan
In God’s Light, Celebrated ‘Lifestyles’ are Revealed as Scandals – P. Armstrong, NC Rgstr
McCarrick Whistleblower Calls for Laicization, Investigation – Elise Harris, Crux
Life During Spiritual Wartime – Rod Dreher
Poll: Only 35% of Americans think Pope Francis shouldn’t Resign – Catholic Monitor
Card. Wuerl Acknowledges Calls for ‘New Leadership’ – CNA via The Cthlc World Report
Canon Law Prof.: Church Did Not Foresee Crimes by Bishops – M. Pattison, CNS via Crux
Wisdom on the Carmelites & Dealing with Crisis – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Tradition is Our Response to Scandal – Brian Williams, Liturgy Guy
Bishop Scharfenberger of Albany Has Asked the AG to Investigate Them – Times-Union
To Prevent Future Scandal, Catholics Must Promote Church Teachings – P. Hauf, C. Link
Expert Points to Stats to Show No Causal Effect between Celibacy & Abuse – Aleteia
3 Reasons to Remain Catholic Amidst Scandal and Betrayal – Ch. Daru, Catholic Stand
Grieve, Don’t Leave; Why Judas Isn’t an Argument Against Jesus – Sh. McAfee O.P., Reg
New York, New Jersey Investigating Church Response to Abuse Claims – The CWR
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