Viganò Watch: Thvrsday Edition

Pope Francis Thinking (Pic Credit: Eccles & Bosco blog)

Ten Reasons Why Pope Francis’ Silence is a Disaster

. . .when you or the person you support is under fire for something of which that person may be guilty it is not a good idea to play the victim. . .not even a little bit.  But to compare the person under fire to Jesus at his trial?  No.  Just don’t go there.  Playing the victim card doesn’t work anymore.  It’s a worn out ploy.  After the blizzard of snowflakes & faux victims, we can see through that trick now. . .

by Father Dwight Longenecker

Bishop Barber of Oakland Wants Priests Released from the Papal Secret – Calif. C. Daily
Why Archbishop Viganò is Almost Certainly Telling the Truth – Edward Feser Ph.D.
Good News From Nebraska – Rod Dreher
Damian Thompson: What has Pope Francis Covered Up? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Nun Blew Whistle on Sex Abuse, Excommunicated, Now a Saint – M. Portete via Twitter
Now It’s Not the Time to “Turn Down the Temperature” – Edward N. Peters J.C.D. J.D.
Legatus Placing Its Annual Tithe to the Vatican in Escrow – Matthew Schmitz via Twitter
Bishop Thomas Daly of Spokane: This Is Not Clericalism – Matthew Schmitz via Twitter
McCarrick Is Not the First Prelate That Abused Seminarians – Mk. Pattison, Boston Pilot
A New Book by Jesuit Antonio Spadaro about Francis – Fr. Z’s Blog
Metuchen Diocese Suspends Priest with a Close Connection to Bootkoski – The CWR
Aldo Maria Valli Believes & Supports Viganò – Vicente Montesinos, Adoración Liberación
Catholic Laymen Ask Pope Francis for Answers – CNA via Catholic Herald
Commonweal Asks Pope to Address Viganò’s Allegations – Kattoliko Pensiero via Twitter
Diocese of Youngstown Will Release Names of Accused Priests – CNA via The CWR
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