Viganò Watch: Monday Second Edition

Pope Francis looks on during his general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican 25 January (Pic Credit: Paul Haring of CNS)

What the Priest Scandal Is & Is Not About

. . .some people say that to focus on the homosexual nature of the crimes is unjust to the girls & women who were victims, & that in any case it is not to the point.  4 out of 5 of the victims in the whole scandal were male, & most of them were not little children, but adolescent boys & young men.  It may well be that a disproportionate number of homosexual men entered the seminary in order to hide their desires from themselves or from others, & that therefore we should not interpret that ratio too severely.  But the social stigma cuts in both directions.  If it raised the number of homosexual men who became priests, it also undoubtedly lowered the number of men who would ever admit to having engaged in homosexual relations.  If a boy is even half as likely as a girl to report that he has been molested by a man—almost always not by force but by enticement & invitation into indecency, so-called “grooming”—then the ratio is more like 8 males to 1 female, rather than the 4 to 1 ratio whereof we have hard evidence, & 4 to 1 is already staggering.  Perhaps it was 10 to 1, or 12.  We don’t know. . .

by Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D.,

of Crisis Magazine

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