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Left: Bishop Marian Eleganti (Pic Credit: Liebermary from Wikipedia); Right: Pope Francis (Pic Credit: Paul Haring from the Catholic News Service)

Bishop Eleganti: “The Pope’s Silence is a Classic Non-denial!” (Regarding Homosexuality)

. . .the following interview with Auxiliary Bishop Marian Eleganti, O.S.B., about the revelations by Archbishop Viganò, the Pope’s silence, & the homosexual network in the Catholic Church was conducted by Roland Noe & published on the site yesterday.  Bishop Eleganti is Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Chur, Switzerland. . .

from The Catholic World Report

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Viganò Watch: Saturday Edition

Pope Benedict XVI (Pic Credit: Catholic News Agency)

Further Questions Emerge About Benedict XVI’s Sanctions on McCarrick

. . .despite the high probability Benedict did impose sanctions against McCarrick, it appears the attitude was to ignore his willingness to flout them. . .

by Edward Pentin,

of the National Catholic Register

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